Steamed Venti, yes please.

Drive. Thru.  Ever since two children and two car seats have been added to my one little life; these two words (drive + thru) make my strapped-down heart sing.  And when the drive thru is serving caffeine?  I praise and worship that mermaid goddess of mercy delivering life through my driver’s side window.

Can there be any better way to get a steamed venti?

Just when I was sure the answer was “Hell, NO!”  I found a little blast of heaven on earth at Volcano National Park on the big island.  It’s a new sort of streamed venti:

Mmmm, EARTH GAS! Earth Gas!  Warm-n-steamy earth gas.  Mama never felt (or smelt!) so good.

Seriously, you gotta try it. (And, seriously, I need a boob job, stat. Does that come in any kind of drive thru? Paging Dr. Glassman to the blog read- by- no one for a publicity opp. )

Lovin’ the BIG island, and my soon-to-be BIG boobs,

Alaskarella, DD

and holy smokes.


2 responses to “Steamed Venti, yes please.

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  2. rhyschom cabural

    it realy big i like it…….
    i want to touch it…..