Our little igloo

idn’t she cute?

Don’t you just want to pinch her little log sides and do big blow fishes all over her arctic windows?  I only did it like 18 million times until I started wondering if the neighbors have guns.  Or, if there are any neighbors at all …

I’d love ‘er even more if that damn picture hadn’t taken like 2.9 hours to upload.

Thing is, we don’t have no high- speed internet up here in these here parts.   Damn cables can’t be bundled or they freeze.  This also means we don’t have cable.  (As in: no TV.  none. nothing. nada. zilch.  just waves of nausea running across the screen like the evil auras that signal the onset of a killer migraine. No Oprah. No Glee. No Parenthood. No Bethenny Getting Married even though Bethenny already got married and had the baby, and I can’t even imagine my life without her.  I know we just met, but I love you B.  Maybe I can move to New York Citay!  We could be like BFF for life … take our kids to mommy and me massage, drink skinny girl margs, go to swank restaurants and enjoy modern day life in the era of high. speed. internet!)

I digress because off-the-deep-end fantasy is all. I. got.

I’m not gonna write another thing about it because I can’t even think about my cable-less life anymore because it’s giving me cardiac dysrhythmia and if I go into cardiac arrest who knows how long it will be before the medics arrive or if they would be even the slightest bit attractive. (odds are not good)

And so, here-to-fore, my activity options here in the land of far, far away have been whittled down watching dvds, chopping frozen fire wood, and shooting guns.

Among many other things, I am praying that the satelite internet / tv service is installable and affordable. Otherwise I might start thinking bearded women are normal.

Please send help,



8 responses to “Our little igloo

  1. OH my. I *do* want to pinch the cheeks of that house!
    You will be ok. Netflix shall be your BFF in times of crisis 🙂

  2. Keep writing…….this is really interesting……the house looks cool…no pun intended!

  3. Janel Clarke

    awesome blog – very funny

  4. LOVE the house!! it looks very hugable (is hugable a word?lol)!!!

    Katie, in your free cable-less times, when the baby girls are sleeping you should write a book… =) i promise i will be the first to buy it! =) …. in addition should you require a Book Promotions Manager/Partner in Crime/weird Ukrainian Friend… hit me up … =))))

  5. Mary, god mommy Stevens

    Shoot guns??? Oh no PLEASE. I love reading your blog! Hang in there. You could make a very long paper chain to count the days…I wish de cable man was your neighbor!! Keep those creative COOL juices flowing
    Love you
    Big Eskimo kisses to you and your darlings

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