Killer address, man!

I got really nervous  about whose property I might be on as I was snapping this!   The street names around here are to die for.

Seriously, no matter what happens today, at least this is NOT part of your home address:

What?!  Seriously? Can you imagine giving directions to your house?! “OK, then you turn right on Yellowsnow.  Yep, Yellowsnow.  secondhouseontheright.”

The cheery “change of address” cards your family sends out?

Every invitation to a party at your house?  “Engagement Party for Buck and Tudy!   761 Yellowsnow.”

Your resume heading?

Oh. My. Gosh. What if you were making arrangements to get picked up for a first date?

I bet the call center operators who receive telephone orders from Yellowsnow-ians think the customer is joking. “Wait. Where did you want me to send that down-lined-fleece-wool-alpaca-body-bag-sweater?  I thought you said yellow-snow!”

A jogger got eaten by a pack of wolves last year (for Lucy’s sake!).  So, the school bus is now required to drop kids off on their home street.  The other day I saw a very, very, skinny and very, very, tall timid looking 15-ish girl with stick straight brown hair get off the bus and start shuffling down Yellowsnow.  As if the sub-zero temps weren’t enough!

To add insult to injury, if her parents had just scooted just ONE street over she could have had an address like this:

Or this:

! Sojourn Lane?!  SO much more alluring!

Oh well.  I bet she has friends a few streets over who can totally empathize:

Countin’ my blessings tonight from Goldfinch,


P.S. Tomorrow I’m gonna meet the hero of Alaska!  Stay tuned.


8 responses to “Killer address, man!

  1. Great post honey! Cant wait to see who the hero is tomorrow. Is it me?

  2. i cried. hahahahah..

  3. bernie clarke

    How do you know when you get a hit? 400? wow!

    • i have a stats page … it has all kinds of info I don’t understand yet. Among the stats is a graph that charts how many people looked at the site each day. It also does a track back thing that tells me how viewers arrived at the site. So far the biggest search term that leads people to the site is “big boobs” – those people must leave a little disappointed!

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