And now, ladies and gentlemen,

Introducing THE hottest thing in Alaska:

photo credit: Tara Young Photography


I think right here in this picture he’s saying, “Come on in, the cabin’s fine.”

And, I fell for it.  Hard.  Can you blame me?

I mean just look at him.   He’s the man I married; the father of my children;  the most accomplished, loving, and talented person I’ve ever met.

And, it just so happens that he paid for med-school by agreeing to doctor for a few years wherever the Army needs him to doctor; which, right now, happens to be Fairbanks, Alaska.

And, for him?

For him I would move to the edge of the world.

Which, by the way, is right here:

our new hometown: Fairbanks, Alaska

From the ends of the earth in the name of love,


* Don’t you wonder where that airplane over Fairbanks is headed?  Perhaps it’s going to Metz, France where my sister-in-law is always cooking something delicious.  Her blog makes me hungry.


7 responses to “And now, ladies and gentlemen,

  1. What a nice post…and just look at us girls, moving around the world for the men we love 🙂 Although I’ll admit that France is a little more…cultured.

    And, I was there when that picture was taken; what a fun time and what fun memories!

    If you only had blogger I could be doing tutorials via skype, in the meantime though, thanks for the mention.

    ❤ you all!

    • i figured out how to link! fist pumps fist pumps! baby steps. 🙂 we can’t all be metzing around right out of the shoot. you give me something to aim for 🙂

  2. Oh my, that look on Mitch’s face has a whole you meaning. You are so clever & funny Katie Clarke. Keep those bloggins coming!

  3. Such a sweet blog of appreciation for your husband! And, what a testament to true love: that you would follow your man to the ends of the world in the name of love! I love it 🙂 Very inspiring!

  4. Great post. Indeed we move around in the name of love – I only went as far as Cleveland before heading back east….My hat is off to you Alaskarella. On second thought, better keep those hats on.

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