Behold! THE North Pole! (Part II)

Want to see it? THE North Pole?

OK, it’s so tall I couldn’t get the whole thing in one shot.  So, we’ll start at the bottom and keep looking up, kay? (And, yes!  You are right!  That is a candy cane street lamp  in the background by the highway overpass. For a close up view of street torches that will make you smile click back to yesterday’s ditty.)

OK, here she is!  The North Pole in all her crowning glory!

The North Pole's base,

keep looking up,

dang, that's tall! Your neck's starting to hurt!

Almost to the top!

AND, there she is! In all her crowning glory!

Isn’t it magical?

Sending awe & wonder from far, far, away,

Alaskarella (do, do, do, do, do – I’m lovin’ it).

* If you’re in the mood to see some pictures so beautiful they’ll make you cry (and want to come move here and be my neighbor), check out these AK wowie-kazowie pics on my friend Katy’s blog.  (she’s the master of the cam-er-a).

Sorry you have to copy and paste the link, I don’t know how to link (yet).

Thanks Katy!


6 responses to “Behold! THE North Pole! (Part II)

  1. NO. FREAKIN. WAY!! whaaaa???

    • i know!!! it killed me. that’s why i linked to your blog at the end, because i needed something to bring me back to life! That picture of the bay makes me want to cry.

  2. I love that you are blogging!!! Keep it up babe, you make me laugh and cry, I wish we were neighbors!!! Maybe one day… xoxo

  3. …and I say we’ve been tricked all these years…no way would Santa live at a McDonald’s. And in the words of your nephew Aaron from Virginia, “There’s that big yucky M that gives me diarrhea.”

    • I hope Santa doesn’t share the same McD aftermath as Aaron! There is a Santa House in the city, and while the outside is cute, the inside resembles a Ross-Dress-for-Less selling over priced “North Pole” Sweatshirts that look like they are from 1988 and overpriced Christmas decor. I’m sure I’ll blog about it someday. In the meantime, tell Aaron to stay away from the big M!

  4. I’m showing Noah your blog and he said “McDonald’s! I didn’t know they had McDonald’s in Alaska?!? I want to live in Alaska!” Love it! I love how his mind works! Miss you!