THE North Pole (part I)

We, ok fine, I was SO devastated when the house we were supposed to inhabit in North Pole fell through.  In a twisted LSAT logic problem kind of way, the town of North Pole, AK is 15 minutes South of Fairbanks, where the Hot Doctor’s hospital is located.

I was convinced that if I had to be tethered by a string to the edge of the world, that string may as well be a hilarious address like “The North Pole.”

When it became apparent our North Pole dream home wasn’t going to come to be, I may or may not have done things like lie on the kitchen floor for hours and mope around for days talking to anyone who would listen about how I was going to be homeless and stranded ,trudging through the arctic tundra in blizzards and darkness, with my two little frozen polar cubs and all of our earthly belongings in tow.

However, like most (maybe all?) of the things that I’ve been unequivocally convinced are going to ruin my entire existence, the twist of fate that kicked my would be candy-cane-stripped-booty outside North Pole City Limits turned out to be for the best.  Why?

Because, there is next-to-nothing in The North Pole besides THE North Pole.

And so, for today, in the name of silver linings, the blessing on unanswered prayers, and the LIGHT at the end of the tunnel, I just HAVE to show you the next-to-nothing thing in the North Pole:

Candy Cane Street Lamp on Santa Claus Lane! North Pole, AK

So quaint they almost make me wanna run home and bake cookies while wearing an apron.


(and see you tomorrow with pics of THE North Pole – trust me – it’s awe inspiring!)


* Have you ever been totally deflated by something that, in hindsight, turned out to be for the best?  In the name of lookin’ at the bright side, leave a comment & tell me about it!


5 responses to “THE North Pole (part I)

  1. PJ and Danny

    Hello Alakarella , me and pj are reading your blog and loving every minute of it… I am sure if mitch new how to blog he would write some amazing things about you too.. I am sure it would not be as witty however!! love the hot doc name , love it all..

    now for the j man ” how are zoey and lucy?” , “When are you coming out?” “How is Dr Mitch doing?” , and “How you doin?” “love and miss you”

    beautiful house, beautiful pictures, words and people..

    keep up the good work.. and watch julia and julia if you have not..

    in the famous words of everyones favorite boy band .. bye bye bye…… bye bye

  2. Hi Alaskarella! I am loving your blog! Fun, funny and the photos are fanatasic-I’m into illiteration! Keep up the good work! love you more! Pistol

  3. Say hello to Santa & his elves for me 🙂

    Oh man. I have had that happen to me so many times (“If I only had known at the time what I knew now…”), I can’t even keep track of ’em anymore. One that stands out: I was devastated when I was not accepted to a college I had *really* wanted to attend. I ended up going to SMU – a school that had not been at ALL on my radar – and it was awesome. It was the perfect place for me, but I remember being crushed by my rejection letter at the time…

  4. My life has been filled with those types of moments, but one that comes to mind (and one that’s oh so apropos considering your recent post on Alaskafella) was the birth of a baby boy, whom I named Mitchell, amidst a divorce in 1978.