What’s cooler than being cool?

Driving home from the North Pole on Saturday, when what to my wondering eyes should appear?!

You know why she looks ICE cold? Because that's ICE floating all around her.


My heart stopped.  And, Alaskafella had to pull over.  And we had to get out of the car.

Because ONE after ANOTHER,

People were lining-up (!), and signing up (!) to do this.

Which inevitably led this this (!):

Photo Credit: Todd Paris

AAAAAAAH!  “Rewind, rewind!”  (I would have cried had I been able to breathe).

And it happened again,


and again,

Photo Credit: Todd Paris

AAAAAAH!, and again.

Photo Credit: Todd Paris (and his hopefully waterproof lens!)



I just fainted.

And that is how they do it in Alaska.



* While the UAF Forestry Game Contenders stopped my heart about 72 times in a row, even more impressive to me?  Todd Paris (the photographer who SO kindly let me share his awesome pictures), and the burly birler log holders.  They were out in the ice-cold water for hours!

If you want to see some really awesome pics of Alaska, check out Todd’s photos on the University of Alaska facebook photo page. http://www.facebook.com/uafairbanks?v=photos

No doubt, his pictures will knock-you-out (in a non-painful and non-sado-masochistic kind of way).

Todd Paris, and the burly birling log holders, out in the ice-water for over an hour!

Bye, Bye.

Lulu looking though a piece of the river that had to be shattered away to make room for the birling log!


5 responses to “What’s cooler than being cool?

  1. Katie, I’m hooked on your blog….and I never even knew what they were before!

  2. Hi Ronnie! Can you believe these brave souls! Iye! Yi! Yi! Thanks for “visiting!” 🙂

  3. (and welcome to the blogosphere!)

  4. Morning Alaskarella! I woke this morning to a cool, breezy Colorado day~~~I know, I know, cool is relative. We are sending you a surprise from Grandma -sure to wrap you in her love and keep you warm. She would absolutely love you blog! Keep on writing, it’s and you are fantastic. PS thanks for the plug! xxoo

    • Happy Friday Pistol Padibble! Thanks for the encouragement. If it weren’t for you, this blog would not be. And, as it is, it’s my lifeline. Thank you.