We saw ’em!

I saw it. I really did!

Yowza. They say AK is the land of superlatives.

And truly, there are just no words to describe The Northern Lights.  They make my whole body tingle and my eyes water.

I can’t figure out how to photograph them.  Truthfully, I gave up trying (I think I need a tri-pod thing).  The light show was just way to dazzling to watch it through a lens.

This eerie, silent, freezing night with lights spiraling, dancing, and doing the worm across the sky; it was like they were doing soccer ball dribbling drills around and through the stars.

Seeing the lights ebb and flow and move so unpredictably across the sky?   It’s down right terrifying in the best way I could ever imagine terrifying could be.

This place, it’s magical.  I’m star-struck and smitten.  And, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fall asleep again because my face. is glued. to the window.

Sweet Dreams,


(Don't tell anyone, but it was so much better than cable. And as long as we're telling secrets, here's one more; it was so dang surreal, I cried.)

** Welcome to the world Jailynn Marie Glavan!  I think you’re gonna like it here!  AND Happy Birthday to sweet Ava Crisdiana, amazing Elizabeth Harrison, and my out-of-this-world Uncle Mark!  I’m pretty sure the heavens above were singing “Today is the Birthday” to YOU.


14 responses to “We saw ’em!

  1. I have seen the northern lights a few times in PA, but I know that it was no where as amazing as in AK. The sky there is like our cabin in Quebec..so expansive that it’s hard to take it all in, so I just can’t even imagine the show that is put on with the northern lights. Did the girls get to see them?

  2. That must have been an incredible experience! Seeing the Northern Lights is on my “bucket list.” How amazing that you and your little polar bear cubs and hubby can have these phenomenal experiences. And, how fantastic that your cubs can look back on the Alaskarella archieves someday and remember this unique time in their lives. I’m telling you, Alaskarella, you should totally write a book! You have a narration that’s witty and relevant, like a grown-up style of “Gossip Girl” narrative. I would totally buy your book and tell ALL my friends to do the same. It would be a witty travel adventure-meets parenting-and marriage-and social networking in the arctic tundra style of chick-lit. I say, let those Northern Lights guide you all the way to a publishing deal!

  3. You lucky adventuresome Alaska girl! I bet it was an amazing sight to behold!!! We will see it through your eyes and your words and feel the wonder! Thank you for sharing! Hugs and love Alaskarella!

  4. Janel Clarke

    Now that is something to put on my bucket list! I wonder if I’ll be able to cross it off soon! Sounds like you are doing well. Loved the photos of Zoey’s shoes and socks! Artsy! Great job on the Blog! When do you sleep?

  5. This was perfect! Oh I just can’t wait to see it in the flesh! I hope you’ll let me wipe my tears and snot on your sleeve. You will won’t ya?

  6. bernie clarke

    You do realize you’re educating those of us who have never been north of Seattle don’t you? Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Woof, woof…I’m diggin’ the Boke Blog.

  7. I’m jealous! Just make sure your nose doesn’t stick to the window!

  8. WOW!! Seeing the Northern Lights is on my life-list. I have yet to *quite* make it far enough North. That is so darn awesome!!

  9. Thanks for all the great feedback — one of the world wonders is sure worth a trip to the North. And, I know a great little cabin if you’re looking for a place to stay!

  10. OH MAN! You are seeing somethin else up there! What a spectacular description. I can just see you glued to the window in your pjs!

    love you,

  11. I got routed to your blog via another blog and looking at your photos and reading your blog brings back memories of my honeymoon. I loved Alaska so much my husband and I even jokingly(?!) talked about moving there and finding work. Keep up the great work! You’re in my favourites bar along with The Pioneer Woman and will be in my blog rotation 🙂 Any plans to travel within AK and see the sights? Whale watching in Juneau was amazing!

    • Thanks! Come on up and be my new best friend! Please? As far as employment – the opportunities are endless (two opportunities actually). The employment lady just emailed me, and they’re hiring a stocker at Lowe’s (can you lift 200 lbs or more?!), and PETCO (animal lover?!). Great to “meet you.” Welcome aboard.

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