Come on in!

I’m getting like tons (three) of inquiries regarding our great Alaskan indoors.

And, my dear friend Brooke, who currently resides in a constant state of heat (Hawaii), tells me she craves the feeling of warmth as you come in from the cold. (It is de.lic.ious.)

Well baby, it’s cold outside!  So, for today’s blast from the arctic:

Come on in!

Please, have a seat!

Oh, does that fire feels good on your feet!

Perhaps you'd care for a hot toddy or something to eat?

(Tonight’s bedtime story? Dr. Seuss. How did you know?)

And again, from the top!

Regarding the Alaskan interior requisite fur throws, animal hides, and heads on walls?   I’m doing my best to fit in around here.   But, don’t worry. They’re not fo’ real, just faux show, fo’ sho.

I was not killed for the making of this living room.

me either.

And, of all the 786 pictures I took of our living room (Mitch thinks I’m losing my mind. I think he’s right), this one is my favorite:

Why is this your favorite?

Because I like that you can see the stairs, the doors into the master bedroom, and the loft railing in the window reflections. Maybe we’ll continue our igloo tour into these parts another day.  And, I like how you can see the laundry.  I’m keepin it real!

Have a warm and cozy day,


* For some yummy interior design eye candy, check out delights by design.

Moose on the Loose! (The wild things come out in the day time around here!)


17 responses to “Come on in!

  1. How fun to see your abode…you done good….love BOTH of the sofas & the rug….and all the top-of-the-world accessories. Gotta head over to France now & read the other blog. Until tomorrow….

    • The funny thing about the sofas? The one that looks old (tufted and distressed) is brand new, the one that looks new (shiny and bright) is so old! It was my grandfather’s sofa in his home office – he used it when he consulted with patients in his house! WOW! And the rug, it’s a lot like yours. Thanks for the decor consults along the way — I think it turned out pretty well. It’s just what I hoped for, and then some :).

  2. BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE your new place! I can’t wait to see more! And the post about the Northern Lights… Oh how I miss Canada… The Northern Lights is why we used Aurora for Faith’s middle name, for the Aurora Borealis! Ugh, miss this cold (not really, although 68 is much better than 120 a week ago!). Enjoy the beauty you are living in, it’s only temporary 🙂

    • Thanks Jo! So true .. and, I just figured out how to check your blog! Your pics look so crisp! How do you do that! So glad I can follow your adventures right back!

  3. bernie clarke

    Maybe my favorite post to date. It looks like a lovely spot to write your tales from. Great photos!

    Keep the ball rollin’!

    JBC aka DAD

    • Katie,

      I am LOVING your blog! You are just so dang clever, funny, touching and down right amazing 🙂 Keep ’em coming! Also, love the pics our your new house! We tried to look for some on Sunday but no luck. It and the decor is adorably chic. I hope we get to visit sooner than later.

      Miss you all and lots of love!

      • you are the best. how do you always know just what to say? please come soon. you know, oct/ march is peak season for northern lights … does anyone have a break during those months? 🙂

    • thanks. you know who, my late night creative sessions are modeled after?

  4. Katie, I love seeing the inside of your place. Now I can picture you guys all snug when it gets cold. I’m happy that they are “faux” heads. I also loved the post and the pictures of the lights. I hadn’t really thought that regular people could see them, silly me! I will add them to my bucket list. Alaska is a place I’ve wanted to visit, so who knows….

  5. I love it I love it!!! Your home looks so cozy sweetie! And yes, those Northern Light pictures are amazing, what a beautiful place you live in right now! Miss you sweetie!

    • thanks B! your name doesn’t link to your blog? i want to make sure i have your blog address bc i think it’s about to have a VERY suspenseful period culminating in a BIG announcement!

  6. Your igloo looks cozy and your little ones look beautiful. Thanks for sharing your world. Vicarious adventures are so much fun!!! Love you…

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  9. This is Noah’s wife, Heather! Rosie just told me about your blog! It’s been fun reading about your journey 🙂 We love you guys!!!