From today’s Montessori Friday Newsletter  “Don’t forget, we take the children outside down to -20 F.”

Children? Outside? Negative 20?!  What the F?  And Negative F 20 times over!!

Forget it.  Pullin the covers over my head!



10 responses to “Monte-story

  1. Even in PA we would stay in bed with the down comforter over our heads on a -20 day. I think this is how Alaskans train their young to run the Iditarod or compete in birling competitions in frozen waters.
    Besides those little polar bear cubs should be starting to sprout thick white fur all over their bodies….

  2. Maureen Clarke

    Thanks for sharing a bit of your life, Alaskarella! I am enjoying it and you immensely!

    • Thanks for reading! I am no David Sedaris … but .. I am out on a limb. What did you say was the name of his latest book? I tried to google it, but then my internet cut out … Miss you.

  3. That is crazy!!! Think of the gripey stories she will be able to tell her kids someday- “I had to play outside when it was -20F”

    I am loving reading all of your fun stories!

    • Back at you! I love that when you comment, I can click on your name and go straight to your blog! Your kids are so cute! How is Austin!!?? How was the move? Isn’t moving with two kids (3 and under) the best?

  4. I can hear it now! “Quit yer bitchin kids it’s -19, not -39 or somethin!” Ahh Giddy Up, the roads our little lives take us down are mo betta than stories on the bookshelves of Borders.

    • Why, oh why, can’t you write my ditties? You are the prettiest of pretty witty I’ll ever know! (And, G.D. do I miss Borders. But, not as much as I miss you, friend!_

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