The Headhunter Quandary.


She works hard for her money ...


Happy Friday friends!

Yesterday I met with the Fairbanks employment specialist.  The one who just emailed me about the hottest job-ops in town (Skeet Range Assistant, Lowes stocker, Administrative Assistant at the Fish Hatchery, or Welding Instructor at the University).  Thanks, I’ll be sure and look into that.

She told me something that 1.) made me feel kind of good; and 2.) really confused me:

Hawaii, Alaska, and Europe (in that order) are the top choices for stations of duty among military personnel.  Really?!  Can that be right?  How can Alaska (or even Hawaii) trump Europe?

I can’t wait to find out (and I am welcoming hypotheses).

Lookin’ for gold from the silver choice station of duty,


** If you are concerned for my well-being and interested in taking a quick peek at my MRI images, check the fridge notes on this funny mama blog: Mother Of The Year Notes. She is hysterical.





16 responses to “The Headhunter Quandary.

  1. Did anyone really read this? Longest blog post ever! I promise to brief it up tomorrow.

  2. OH Kaboodle! I am laughing-you’re soooooo funny! and crying with and for you! It is going to be an adventure that I’ll love living vicariously! Hang tough-I think you’ve just started writing a best seller or screen play or a new updated version of Northern Exposure! Love you most! PS the girls look adorable!!!

  3. Loving the daily updates! Looks like you’ll be ready to thaw out and head south for a wedding 🙂 We miss you!

  4. Read the long & the short. Can see there as definite ups & downs…your faithful followers want to be there for you every step of the way.
    That’s quite a pair of hoot owls you have there…love and miss you and them (and the fella).

  5. bernie clarke


    I’m thinkin’ pipe-welder. “She’s a maniac, maniac, on the floor. And she’s dancin’ like she’s never done before.” I think you need to see this jobs counselor again. She’s excellent fuel for your blog. Should you elect to take the assistant skeet shooter’s position, please remember to wear ear-muffs. We don’t want your only means of communication to be via the printed word, although, from the enjoyable reads you’re sending south, that wouldn’t be all bad.

  6. definitely the welding instructor!!! you are hilarious my love! i cannot believe you guys had snow already, the girls look soooo cute walking around in it! sending you hugs!!!

  7. Janel Clarke

    Hey there – I loved the long version! Where did it go! Girls look so cute! And the frig messages are very funny 🙂

    • The long version got 86-ed by my one and only friend (he thought it sounded conceded and mopey). I kind of wish I’d saved it … but … it is gone like my employment opportunities and possible career prospects. gone, gone, gone. glad you got to see it while it lasted 🙂

  8. I guess I’ve become an Alaskerella groupie! I’m loving reading about your days. You’re reminding me that it is fun to look at our lives as day to day adventures. Keep it coming and enjoy the snow. (and very cute pics of the girls).

    • Thanks for reading Ronnie! And, I love your comment. Doing this blog thing has totally helped me adapt to the “always an adventure” mindset. Where I used to see terror, I now think, “I’ll blog about it!” 🙂 And it helps to know you’re cheering us on from sunny CA!

  9. yes – I read both versions 🙂