Freeze Out


It's all fun and games, until somebody gets murdered.


1. Mitch says, “Come outside, the sky looks like a waffle.”

2. I say, “No, it doesn’t.”

3. “Seriously, it does.”

(I should tell you the thermostat inside says 89 degrees because our fire-stove is a little, dynamo, outta-control, heat blaster.  We don’t know how to moderate it (and I like it that way).  So, I’m wearing a tank top and PJ pants.)

4. I feel like a little fresh air might be nice, and decide to step outside for 5 seconds.

5. He makes sure I have on footwear.  “No really, you should put your boots on at least. It’s cold.”

6.  So, I put my boots on and step outside.  It is 5 degrees (plus or minus 20. I don’t know.  It’s below the freezing degree, trust me.).

7. I look up at the sky — and sure enough — it is like a waffle.  Somehow the clouds are grouped together and it looks like an aerial view of the desert with dried up rivers running though the translucent clouds.  It’s all speckled with a thousand stars.   I don’t know if that explanation really even makes sense.  But that’s ok, because that isn’t the point of the story.

8.  I turn around to run back inside … and,


Are you kidding?! it's COLD out here!



OK, not funny anymore!



This is me begging for my life. And when that didn't work ...



This is me making threats. It did not work either.



Now I'm getting mad (and concerned for my life).


9.  Maybe it was the frozen tears on my cheeks, or maybe it was that he had to open the door to go and get more wood for the fire.

10. Either way, I’m inside now.  And you know what?  I think he’s gonna be out there getting firewood a little longer than he planned on.

Can you hear my evil laughter?



And I thought we would pass the Alaskan nights playing boggle and banana-grams in front of the fire.  Silly me! This is so much better than that.


9 responses to “Freeze Out

  1. tehehe….love this post and love the pictures!

    • To lock the door when it is 5 degrees outside? AND THEN to take pictures?! Good God, Woman. How did you survive life as this guy’s younger sister?!

  2. Mary, god mommy Stevens

    Ohh baby it’s cold out there..can you hear that song playing over and over again
    Button up your overcoat….!

  3. Those photos are fantastic! I’m loving every minute of your blog! Love riding along on your adventures. Can’t wait for more! Kisses from rainy Denver!

    • HI Becca! Thanks for “stopping by!” – my little blog icon (the thing on the address line) – the red shoes – reminds me of you and lulu at the wizard of oz and, “3 is such a hard, and magical, age.” you inspire me! even from rainy denver far, far, away! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe Mitch would do that to you, but you can see the “evil” look on his face in the reflections. You think you know a person until they get up in that frozen tundra. Maybe a part of his brain is frozen.
    The waffle sky sounds very cool (and I don’t mean the freezing temperatures.)
    Love reading your blog…so keep um coming girl.

  5. How evil Mitch!!! Much better entertainment for sure though 🙂 You guys are too cute! You made sure to make him stay out there for a taste of his own medicine right? 😛

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