Like a Hawk.


A "Friend" on the Pretty School Playground


That cat is not a kitty.


Ms. Erica, Zoey's pretty school teacher, took this picture about 5 feet away from the wildcat (on her iphone). Like most pre-school teachers she: 1.) has a way with with wild things, 2.) is a little crazy, or 3.) a little of both.


Zoey calls pre-school “pretty school.”   I’m never, ever going to correct her, and I hope she never, ever changes her way.   It, like, “Did the rain fly away?,” is one of my all time favorite Zoey-isms.

On Day 1 of AK Pretty School the director tells me, “AND, recently we had a lynx visit us out on the playground!”

“WOW!” I replied thinking, I must not know exactly what a lynx is, otherwise his excitement about a wildcat trolling  the area where sweet three-year-olds (mine included!) recess would seem alarming.

So, I went home and googled it.  And I do know what a lynx is!

So, on Friday, I asked Ms. Erica if the lynx sighting was a one time thing or … And do you know what she said?  She said, “Well, you know the big rabbits that hop around the parking lot?”


Pretty School rabbit down in the right hand corner. (Notice his fur is starting to turn white for winter.)


I nod soberly.   “We’ve been finding their insides strewn all about our outsides.”

“What?”  Begs my cocked head.

“On the slide, under the big toy … ”  Then she goes on to say, “And, we’ve seen him again, three or four times.  We think he must have a den nearby.”



I got my eye on you, buddy.


I’ll be the lady watching recess, like a hawk, from the top of my car, with a crossbow.

You think I’m kidding?

Like a hawk, wild thing, like. a. hawk.

Keepin’ Pretty School Pretty,



My little pretty schooler. (Not to be confused with lynx bait.)



15 responses to “Like a Hawk.

  1. Remember the one day at Homestead Elementary when there was a Mountain Lion in the field? I do and it makes for a great story… Zoey is going to have the best “when I was growing up” stories ever!

    • I do remember that day at Homestead. I remember the day of the lion we had an “indoor day.” Kinda like everyday that dipped below (positive) 20 degrees F. Indoor day, people. Indoor day. At least until the wildlife people come and shoot their tranquilizers and relocate the beast. (No one has even notified them! Yet.)

  2. But that lynx is soooo darn pretty. Just wish he wasn’t so messy when he eats & that he confines his diet to rabbit. Of course, our Maddie (house cat) disappeared when a bobcat was seen stalking our neighborhood. (Don’t ever let Zoey read this.) I can’t believe that girl is still wearing that yellow & gray top…it HAS to be getting TOO small. The fall collection from G-W should be arriving any day now. I think it is being pulled on a postal service bob sled.

  3. Okay Katie…I share your lynx sentiments! On our Canada trip this summer, Grandpa Jack told me about the lynx they had seen there, and I could NOT sleep. We were in the cabin when there was an EARTHQUAKE, and my first thought was the moose and the lynx were outside shaking the cabin! Little did I know at the time, it was an earthquake! Keep your eyes on our sweet Zoey. We love and miss you guys!

  4. Katie, I just love your blog!!! You are consistently witty, wise and wonderful.

  5. I called preschool “pretty school” too – still a lot of jokes in my family about it but one of those fun things that you will fondly remember forever!

    Good luck with the lynx, that scares the bejesus out of me! I’ll stick to my downtown transients, thank you very much.

  6. This post just cracked me up Katie!!! What a different world for sure but very interesting indeed! Good luck with the cross bow, you are acquiring many a skills sweetie!

  7. What is with you people posting and responding in the wee morning hours! Doesn’t anyone around here sleep?

  8. So insane!!! I can’t believe that teacher was so brave. I would have gone running the other way. One time there was a dead bird on our basketball court at my old job and I couldn’t even go near it, let alone snap a pick. Makes my ears feel weird. Not sure why though. She must be from Alaska!

    Keep up the great posts! I should being doing work, instead I am delightfully enjoying your blog! Thanks for helping me procrastinate in a good way 🙂

    Until next time,

  9. OMG. First, your pretty schooler is adorable 🙂
    Secondly, holy Lynx!
    Third, I kinda want to learn how to use a crossbow now. Though, I don’t think my neighbors here in the city would appreciate that so much. But hey, we *do* have coyotes in the Presidio – I’ve seen ’em, and mad crossbow skills would totally come in handy.

  10. Sebastian is going to be so pissed to learn Zoey is living so wildly without him. Seriously, if I tell him , he will get mad.

    Guts on the playground you say? Nice.

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