Just so ya’ know…


I got all dolled up (Yes, new hat! Why do you ask?)



To tell you that,


(besides the whole no high-speed internet and no cable thing,)


things are not what



they used to be.


I think I’m ready to start moving backwards now,


(Can someone please press rewind? Cher? Are you out there?)


For further evidence regarding the inevitable march of time, this guy (who must live a very exciting life) took a picture of his face everyday for eight years.    Check it out.  And then tell me how it was, no video streaming available for those of us stuck up here in the dial-up days of 1988.  I hear, via my brother Brady and Howie, the hipster of Boulder, Colorado, that for those of you enjoying 2010 in all it’s wi-fi wonder, it’s worth the click.


6 responses to “Just so ya’ know…

  1. Your house is beautiful…and oddly familiar! Wouldn’t it be something if we lived in the same neighborhood? 🙂
    Just thought I’d say hello to a fellow Alaskan blogger!

    • HI! Did you say neighbor?! And you’re a blogger? It’s like we’re co-workers! Let’s have a meeting!

      • We probably should have a meeting. Winter is full speed ahead and pretty soon we’re not going to want to leave the comfort of our warm houses!
        I found your blog from a comment you left on my friend, Shannon’s blog. I was excited to find another Alaska blogger who uses WordPress! I think I read all of your posts last night when I couldn’t sleep. Blogging/Writing must be your calling- one of them anyway 🙂 Being psychic has got to be one of them, too.

  2. You better start working on a photo Christmas card…the potentials seem endless. The pic of your house through the trees, with the dusting of snow is very striking…

  3. Katie, you rock! I love reading your blogs! Keep on writing because you are hilarious and extremely talented. “If I could turn back tiiiiiiiiime.” You’re good! Love love love it!

  4. Beautiful! I sent your blog link to one of my friends & I’m copying you, well at least trying to. I can never be good with words the way you are 🙂