So far away …


Zoey & Stella (photo by Stella's Mamacita)



Zoey & Stella


“I want to be a butterfly for Halloween.”

“Sounds great!”

“And then maybe I can fly to see Stella?”

THUD.  (that was my heart falling from the top of the world directly to the bottom of it.  Hello Antarctica.)

She also asked me when her wings would start working, and where Cinderella lives on the globe.

To which I replied: in about three years, and for now she resides in Fairbanks, Alaska.

From 64° 50′ 16″ N / 147° 42′ 59″ W,



Get me a ticket for an airplane ...



8 responses to “So far away …

  1. There will be a time in your future~~~maybe just a day, a minute or perhaps a nanosecond when you think, “Wasn’t Fairbanks an amazing adventure? The cold, the animals, the way we only had each other and we held it together. ” Or then again, maybe not…hang in there this is the making of a best seller, a new sitcom or movie. We are loving your blog from way down here. LOVE YOU!

  2. You, lovely lady, have an amazing gift for words….words that create feelings, visions, laughter, friendship and kinship. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world…..even if it is in Antarctica right now….

    Love and sunshine, warmth and goodness from
    Your sister from another mother’s mama in law

  3. Aww 😦 That really makes me feel silly to feel homesick every once in awhile. I hadn’t even thought about the military children who leave their friends behind to come up here. I hope you and yours will begin to love what all Alaska has to offer. It has been a very unique and fun experience to us.
    Tonight we’re going to karaoke night at the Pump House with some friends. Usually everyone who sings is pretty good (I won’t be participating!) It’s every Wednesday and we haven’t been in awhile. You guys should check it out….and if you come tonight, find me! I’d love to meet ya.

  4. This is too sad to even comment on…but thanks for sharing.

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  6. Thanks guys! I noticed the automatic google ads that match your posts content were for prozac! YIKES! Didn’t mean to be a sad Sally! (MRS K – thank you for the invite! I am working on getting a sitter so I can come sing the blues rather than blog about em next weds night!) Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  7. I love Zoey and Stella forever. You are one strong woman! Thank you for reminding us to make the most of each moment! Sending love!