What the Blog?! (Volume I)


Yes, I am a dork of Alaskan proportion. Is it really that obvious?


Picture me: FLAT OUT on the floor with a smile so freakin’ gigantic it’s breakin’ the igloo’s ice-brick walls.   WHY?  Because my floors are heated.

And because I am flat out flattered by the fact that my little, baby, blog is breaking 400 hits a day for the past four days!  What?!  Who are you people!?  Will the two of you who keep clickin’ on the about Alaskarella page every two seconds please stop reading immediately and get back to it?

And the rest of you?  Thank you!  I’m stunned and grateful.

Here’s the truth: I have no idea how to blog.  (As if that’s something I needed to clarify!)

In light of this fact, I’ve been wondering lately, why in the H-E- double hockey sticks am I staying up into the wee hours every night doing this bloggin’ thing?

Main reason: I decided to blog about my Alaskan experience to force myself to have one.

When I found out we were headed to the land of far, far away for 1,080 days (18 down, 1062 to go), I was terrified.  (At times, no, most of the time, I still am).

I knew only something really humiliating (like rightfully deserved public scorn) could keep me from spending my time in America’s Icebox hiding from grizzly bears.  My plan was to hide under my bed, in the fetal position, insulated by pounds of empty peanut butter cup wrappers and soggy Kleenex.   Can you see my poor, pitiful, pint-sized, polar cubs pleading, “Mama? Mama? Please come out?”  Unthinkable, right?!

So, I knew I had to do something.  And,  I knew I would be way too embarrassed to publicly post, day after day, “Still under the bed, had to put it up on risers. I’m up to 378 big ones now.  Still no bears.”

My guru, Gretchen Rubin, author of my all time favorite, and life changing, book The Happiness Project says, “If you can’t get out of it, get into it.”

So, I’m getting into it.  Every. single. day.  By writing about my Alaskan life I’m forced to get an Alaskan life!

Thank you, my 30 regular pulse checkers (plus the two of you who click and re-click 210 times a day), for pullin’ me out from under the bed.   The polar cubs also send their appreciation.

Thank you for helping me feel on top of the world while I am laid out on the floor so damn near close to it,


** Reasons 2-89 re: Why I’m a bloggin’ fool comin at you live via future blasts from the arctic.  In the meantime, check out Gretchen Rubin’s blog / book.   Because of her book, I’m in the midst of my own happiness project and committed to keeping my spirits up no matter how low the temp drops; the mood light no matter how dark the day; the feeling warm no matter how cold … you get the idea.   Thanks Gretchen, for your help and inspiration.

** And another great book sure to lift your spirits? David Sedaris’ latest book is making me laugh so loud the neighbors might complain. Thank you to my Awesome Aunt Maureen for sending me thousands of smiles and laughs.


16 responses to “What the Blog?! (Volume I)

  1. I immediately identified with your lying on the floor….ours are heated too, so I understand your love affair with that surface of your house. CUTE/FUNNY post. Keep um coming and I will try to cut down on my clicking to every 3 seconds.

  2. Well, I’m going to confess, that while you’re living your Alaskan-life, I’m still stuck in a world of heat & brown not living the desert life. I’m the one huddled in the corner stuffing my face full of peanut M&M’s to get me through the day…. Your blog is simply amazing, you are amazing! Thank you for making my days! xoxoxoxo

  3. 400 today…..4000 next !

    All because…..your adventure = our adventure and we all need a little mystery, history, laughter, warmth, maybe even a little polar express and lots and lots of love! Thanks for spreading the love Rella! (Yep, I proudly admit to being one of the 400! – YAY!)

  4. Great job on your blog honey. I can’t beleive alaskafella only got 3 hits. Keep up the good work and I love you!

  5. Katie, I’ve been quietly reading your blog. I don’t have witty comments, so just know that I’m here thinking about the four of you. You are finding something interesting in each and every day. I’m loving it!

  6. You are amazing, Katie.

  7. Capital Connection

    Quick question: Do you need a color guide to decipher your highlighting? Just looking at your book — yellow means important, red means really important, black = notes to self, purple = had to read it twice to really get it? Just asking …
    I might be sending some coloring books to you. You would have a blast!
    Love you and love reading these! Alaskarella, I thank you!

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