Fire & Ice


Octoburrr Sunset Photo by McBeanie


Raise your hand if you’re happy this week is going, going, going – almost gone! (Two hands here! Because my weekdays are totally different from my weekends.) So, happy Friday to you!


Now, make this face if you've got something wild planned for this weekend.


You are lookin’ good! Now, go have some fun.

With love from the land of fire & ice,



Thanks for peekin' in on us. It's always wonderful to see you (especially if you have your hands in the air and a shocked /terrified look on your face).



8 responses to “Fire & Ice

  1. i LIKE your page!


  2. Love that fire and ice! -…..have a toasty, hot cider, wool socks, homemade soup & apple cake and zucchini bread kind of weekend…….they do have apples and zucchini in the North Pole don’t they???

    The girls are adorable!!!!

    • I think they have peppermint! Apple cake and zucchini bread sound perfect! Wool socks — even better! Is it getting frosty near you?! You’ve got the change of seasons spirit!

  3. amazing photos babe! the girls’ faces are classic!!! yes, enjoy some hot chocolate by the fire, it is finally getting in to the 50s and 80s some days out of the week, a relief! miss you katie clarzo!!!

  4. Aahhahahahahhaaaaaaa! Lullabelle your face has MADE my day! Oh I’ll never get over that one!

  5. Lucy’s face is priceless…and are her fingers webbed? Never noticed that anomaly before!