One Spun Into the Looney Bin (soon to be 11th grade English required reading)

Well a ding, dang, DONG!  Announcing a change of address for this bird!  (It’s not quite Yellowsnow Drive, but it’s perfect for me.)

Cruising by her cross street, (Loose Moose Loop, I think?) I saw her placard glimmering in the falling snow… So, I slammed on the brakes.  (I had to do it. The voices told me to.).   We slid right past the entrance and  spun around twelve (really .5) times until landing, perfectly perched, upon Arctic Loon’s threshold.   It was a sign.

It was a sign I tell ‘ya.

A sign I just can’t ignore.  So, I’m moving.  It’s done.  I’m moving.  Moving the sign that is.

Hey, I just got (half-way) finished unpacking in this house.  I’m not about to start over. I’m not that crazy.  Crazy? I was crazy once.  They put me in a room. And locked the door. It made me crazy.  Crazy? I was crazy once …

How to dig into frozen ground?  Lookin’ for an ice ax and a few strong men (and maybe some new snow tires  too).

Signing out,

AlasKesey  (Cuckoo).

“One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest …”

I just realized there is a 4th line to this little ditty … it really goes:

“One flew east, one flew west, one flew over the cuckoo’s nest …”
Which was due North, if you hadn’t yet guessed.


13 responses to “One Spun Into the Looney Bin (soon to be 11th grade English required reading)

  1. Oh my goodness Katie, I laughed SOO hard reading this! HAHAHA! Love it!

  2. g.d.,
    cJ and I have been out of town, country, and touch, but we have returned and are greatly enjoying the tales of Alaskarella. We love the concept,stories, and pictures. is Zoey now kissing with her nose? we have both bookmarked your page, and we will follow the frozen four on top of the world.
    Love, G.F.

    • welcome back! hope your travels went well … next stop fairbanks?! it is like visiting the other side of the moon. thanks for championing us through!

  3. Alaskarella, You’ve no idea how much I look forward to reading your postings. They are to me what your Reeses are to you: sweet and tasty with the afterglow that chocolate promotes. Thanks for the nutrition and the reading recommendations too. Love to the doc and the tundra two, and to you.

  4. wow, what wonderful reviews and they are well written too! You guys should start a blog! Alaskarella you know I am your most devoted fan after Bernie 🙂 Please post the post office story!

    • The post office story is kinda tricky because 1) It’s hard to tell without making fun and 2) I’m 99% sure I will run into the characters involved again (and again, and again) … a small town blog presents a few unique challenges to the author!

  5. This post was a riot…I have a feeling you can create a lot of blog-worthy stories out of the street signs in AK alone. Yes, please post the post office story. Love to all & have a weekend willed with warmth and fun, that will give fodder for blogs to come…

    • totally! ak street signs are going to be my blog’s bread and butter. one after another, they crack me up! i’m working on the post office story — it’s hard to tell without making fun of people …

  6. Looodle loo….looodle loo… that’s what they sound like Katie…. ask Brooke about On Golden Pond – she’ll tell you the truth of that matter.

    So if we hear you loooodle loo-ing…..we know you got the Arctic Loon for sure!

  7. I do understand you dilemma in trying to tell a funny human story in a truthful, yet most delicate & respectful way. YOU can do AKrella….you can do anything you set your mind to…love ya girl….I wanna come visit so badly that i can taste the yellow snow!!!!!

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