Wait. Is that Russia?


Today was kind of pink. And, I think we saw the reds.


Just Kiddin!  You know I love you, Tina Fey.

(Almost) from Russia, with love,


* I don’t know if I am that desperate to be entertained / if it really actually is entertaining, but this article about SLP’s upcoming show Sarah Palin’s Alaska (and the show’s preview within it) made me laugh so hard McBeanie asked, “Are you reading your own blog again?” Nov. 14th the show comes out, can someone please watch it for me and tell me all about it? Thank you.


5 responses to “Wait. Is that Russia?

  1. Were you able to watch the video clip with the article? It’s all that you would expect from Sarah and then some. Who is McBeanie…did I miss something?

  2. Well, you know on Gray’s Anatomy how they have the drs. McSteamy and McDreamy? Alaskafella has taken to wearing a beanie (non stop) and so, McBeanie has become another handle for him. I didn’t really get to see the clip – does it look like an entertaining show? I actually do wish I could watch the show just to get ideas about things to do in the area and also because I do think she is very entertaining! Hope all is well in PA!

  3. McBeanie…I like it! Gray’s is my only show and I do enjoy it! Are you still able to watch it?

    • No. No I am not. No I have not seen TV in a month. And I feel like I am totally losing the pop culture pulse. (I miss it) On the other hand, with ALL this time to be inside my own head – I’ve had a lot of ideas.

  4. The clip pretty much showed what the article talked about. I think the show might be very interesting & informative??? At the very least entertaining. If there’s any good Alaskan tips I’ll relay them on to you. You poor thing…do you expect to get any type of TV reception soon? Or improved internet? I hope McBeanie is planning to build you a very, very high antenna on top of the house in his spare time.