Should I become a professional photographer, or what?!


This is how the pros do it.


And, this?  This is how we do it:


They're ba-aaack.



There's something out there.


I feel like we created the Blair Witch Project of Northern Lights Photography.  Is that a pile of rocks over there?

To Spooky Skies,



3 responses to “Should I become a professional photographer, or what?!

  1. CREEPY…looks like three figures coming through the green fog. Might be Sarah on the right, a lynx walking upright on the left and I’m not sure about the center (could be the Toddster). I sure hope you had the doors locked and were shooting (the camera) through the windows.

  2. Very creepy! Try a tripod, it’s probably because you’re “moving” the camera, even though it may feel like you’re not! They’re beautiful though, aren’t they? I’m so glad Micah was able to see them one summer while in Canada 🙂

  3. Hauntingly beautiful!