A glimpse into my arctic life:

It’s not the bears, the ice, or the dark that’s gonna kill me out here.

Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Allah, Buddha (well, maybe not you, aren’t you all about embracing suffering?), Confuscious, Comcast? In the name of all things holy, please send high speed internet to the lonely girl living on the icy hill outside of Fairbanks, Alaska.  Please?  And Thank you.



P.S. I can’t believe I EVER complained about living in Hawaii.  I am a moron.


4 responses to “A glimpse into my arctic life:

  1. funny, I am still waiting!

  2. me too! now stick your head in the freezer and put a bandana over your eyes and we can say, “we’re in this together.” not long till it’s true! the great land is waiting for you!

  3. Thank God you haven’t lost your sense of humor (your sanity is in question, you nut, but not your sense of humor.) When & for how long will your mama be with you? STILL jealous…

  4. Happy birthday Alaskafella!!!