Happy Birthday Alaskafella!

Hope what ever is ahead,

totally amazes you.

Like, a year that is SO awesome you have to watch it through the spaces between your fingers.

Like, Michael Jackson back from the dead.

(so let’s go to the circus every weekend?)



Alaskarella & 'fella (not) pictured above.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday Alaskafella!

  1. Happy Birthday to Mitch. I bet he’d loved to be the man on the flying trapeze! I’m sure you’d be up there too.

  2. I surely remember what I was doing 32 years ago and look what I have to show for it….a son that I named Mitchell (I worked in a doctor’s office & it was a name I stole from another pregnant woman). You are a great son, brother, husband, father and doctor and we are all proud of you. Have your first happy birthday in AK with your family. Maybe I can be there next year to help you celebrate. Thanks again Katie for a great post…love the pix and the story you tell.

    • and thank you, Mama to the Papa Polar Bear, for what YOU did 32 years ago! Really, you should get to have a “Happy Birthing Day” celebration! Sounds like AK would be a great place to host that party for the big 3-3!

  3. Happy Birthday Alaskafella!

    Katie…you amaze every day!