Quick Question:

Does this snowsuit make my butt look big?

Ok, good.

'Cause that's the way, (uh-huh, uh-huh), I like it.



Zipidee Zoey

(my-oh-my, have a wonderful day).


9 responses to “Quick Question:

  1. OMG…I laughed out loud when I saw that first pic & caption. The second pic is so familiar…the way Z looks when she’s on a mission. And the last pic…love the smile…I can almost hear her laughing all the way to PA.

  2. Love love love!!!

  3. Oh how I LOVE this post! LOVE it! Looks like you are taking advantage of the snow! I miss snow 😦 Enjoy it for me!

  4. I take Janel & Mr. Mystery 2 DIA 2morrow @ 6am. Have a ball! (also, it’s a very cute, well proportioned butt… But the camera adds 10 lbs.)

  5. Peggy Bernardis

    Lots of love to you, Katie, Mitch, Zoey and Lucy!!!!! Mitch, a belated Happy Birthday!!!!! xoxoxoxo and one for sure eskimo kiss, Peggy, Pete, PJ, Kelly, Colleen and Lilly

  6. Hilarious and too cute!!! Zoey wore it well 🙂

  7. I love the snowsuit! I can’t wait for the snow this year, I would love to have the elongated snowy season that you’ll have.

  8. I love the heart pic! Like totally professional Alaskarella. Totally. I miss you. Seb misses Zoey. Em misses Lu. We all miss you all.