Hey Mom! Mom!

land. right. here.

We’ll be the ones sending smoke signals and fire flares into the sky while waving every red item we have.  You can’t miss us.   It’s been a long month of arctic adjustment, attempting to unpack a house with a three and a one year old underfoot, and have I mentioned adjusting to arctic life?  And a three year old? And a one year old?  And unpacking a house? And the arctic?  Thank you for heading our S.O.S.  Thank you.  I just can’t thank you enough. Now that you’re here, I’m just gonna take about 22 percocet and go lie down.

Nighty Night,



9 responses to “Hey Mom! Mom!

  1. Your blog keeps me in stitches. Enjoy reading it each day. Take Care!

  2. Katie, I’m glad you appreciate the great mom that you have. How fun for all of you that she is there. I know that while she is there you will have fun adventures and experiences to report on this blog (and some that you will keep to yourselves). Janel, have a great time and scope out the area for potential future visitors. I’m a faithful follower.

    • Hi Ronnie! Just know, that when you become a grandma (I don’t think it will be long now …) your visits will be the BEST thing that ever happened for the little “angels” and even better for the exhausted (!) parents!

  3. …JEALOUS, JANEL, but then we leave for France on Thursday. Have a great time and take lots of pix and get lots of XOXO from those two beautiful grandaughters that we share.

  4. We’ll all get to have fun with our parents far away from home. We’re very lucky to have the family that we do dear sister-in-law.

  5. GD,
    I am a weekly reader, and a devoted fan. Looking back at TW-3 (that was the week that was): did the mystery man make it w/o serious medications? No, Zoey does not have a big butt! That is clearly Photoshop. I never knew Mitch looked like Bon Jovi, but now I can definitely see the resemblance. h.B.–A.F.
    Circus? Does ice condense on a trapeze? CJ and I will come. We once vacationed in Goodland, KS, so we will go anywhere. The Northern lights are on my bucket list. You might consider running f or governor while you are up there.
    Love/ mush, GF