Fairbanks. It really changes a person.

Devil's Thumb Ranch in Tabernash, Colorado

Prior to visiting Fairbanks, my mom liked to do it up in style.  When in Colorado, you might run into her at Devil’s Thumb Ranch.

Grandma teaching Zoey to swim under the Turtle Bay Waterfalls

Or, when she came to visit in Hawaii, we made a run for Turtle Bay Resort – the super delux hotel on the North Shore with the pools, slides, waterfalls, a spa, and air conditioning …(If you saw “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” that’s the place).

Now?  Now that Grandma’s in Fairbanks?  Well, this is her new hang out:

Skinny Dick's Half Way Inn.

Yes.  Yes, you read that right.  That is:

Skinny Dick's Half Way Inn.

It’s a lot like Turtle Bay Resort. Only Different. (See the bears?)

Fairbanks, Alaska.  I’m just sayin.’

Keepin’ it Real,


It's okay Grandma. We love you no matter what.


12 responses to “Fairbanks. It really changes a person.

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  2. OK>>>>if this is what happens to your teeth in AK, then I may have rethink my vacation plans. Or was it just the lack of a tooth brush for a couple of days? I think Lucy might be just a little happy to see her Grandma, teeth or no teeth.

    • hahaha! isn’t that a riot? lucy is in heaven – regardless of the dental situation! when you arrive… we’ll just ask that everyone keeps their mouths closed (you, my teeth loving Mother in law, will be appalled) almost in FRANCE! have fun!

  3. Katie I love your blog. Makes me laugh out loud!!! And your pics are absolutely beautiful. Hope you and Mitch and those adorable little ladies are doing well up there!!

    • Thanks for reading Mo! And thanks for the thumbs up! I could use a slick / savvy marketer with an eye for design (know anyone? like yourself!) … in the meantime, just having fun with my little project :). Hope you are well — you look prettier and prettier in every fb picture I see!

  4. Great stuff, Katie.

    Please keep your terrific, newsy tomes and photos coming. We are all having a wonderful vicarious Alaskan advdenture, thanks to you. You have your Grandma Dear’s talent for sparkling correspondence.

    Hope you are enjoying your visitors. (Tell your Dad he missed a wonderful Broncos game.) Hi to Mitch, Zoey and Lucy (in the sky with diamonds, no less).

    So long, Chichaco,

    • hahaha! this chichaco is having a blast! the visitors are BUSY dipping the well and chopping wood … it is a trip they won’t forget! i bet they can’t wait to get back and go out to dinner in the land of civilization with their besties.

  5. yea for grandma and grandpa!!! i am so excited for you guys and know that you will treasure this time with them 🙂 hang in there babe, you are doing fabulous you!!! miss you and you just crack me up!

  6. Another glorious blog of your entertaining me! Thank you Katie! I So look forward to my daily dose of Alaska and you!

  7. Even though I am the butt of this joke, I love this posting! You strange girl have a way of twisting reality and it’s pretty funny!