Live from Fairbanks, Alaska ...

It’s my MOM AND DAD!  (You should know: my mom wasn’t always like this.  Fairbanks has really changed her).

Like all good grandma’s my mom brought along a suitcase full of special surprises — long underwear, fleece jackets, spider and skull rings … all things essential for life in the freezer.  (I guess a toothbrush wasn’t one of those things.)

Forgetting a toothbrush is no big deal though!  Especially because she packed the best thing ever!  GRANDPA!

When I saw my dad walk out of the airport – I died.  I died like ten thousand times.  I could. not. believe. it. Why?

1. He hates to fly (Thank you to the little white pill that got him here and the dr. who prescribed it!).

2. We’re talking about Fairbanks, Alaska — at the onset of winter….  not that appealing to a guy who wants to die in Mexico.

3. For a second I thought he might be coming, but when I asked he said, “Fairbanks? Do you think I’m crazy?”

Now I know he is.

It is 7 degrees today.  We spent about 4 hours in the car listening to Zoey count to ten (1,2,4,11, 3!). Like a Chevy Chase Wally World Scene, when we finally arrived at Denali Park it was CLOSED.  Everything in the park “town” was boarded up.   The park entrance was barricaded.  So, we had to turn around (1,2,5,8, 11, 4 … 2!).  There is NOTHING between Fairbanks and Denali, save a lone gas station.  That’s where we ate lunch.

Does this sound like a dream vacation?

That’s because IT IS!

To adventures and surprises!


wally world is closed. (and so is Denali.)


2 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Better check to see if there’s a dead aunt tied on the top of your car!!!

  2. Oh man, Your life is full of surprises! And what the hay is that place with the bears getting funky? Oh man, you are up there girl! I am so happy your sweet papa made the trek. What fun!