I think I’m starting to like it here.

OK, we may not have Starbucks on every (any) corner here in Fairbanks … but I’m really starting to love these little babies:

Drive Through Brew- Through!

They’re all over – and all around – the town.

Isn’t it great?  So easy for the car seat carrying mamacita.  So thoughtful for the chilly mornings (and mid-mornings, and  afternoons, and evenings, and nights).  So helpful for those dark (I mean dark!) early morning, and morning, and mid morning, runs to pretty school and soon to be dark (really dark) afternoon runs from pretty school.  Perfect for people who are just cruisin’ around town lookin for funny street signs and the hot Fairbankians who live on them.   Thank you Coffee Huts, I love you.

And, I haven’t even  told you the best part yet.

I'll have two of each.

Let me tell you, the Midnight Sun beats the pants off a Starbucks latte.  After 6 o 7? I hardly even know what Starbucks is anymore.  And The Northern Lights? They’ll knock you out (of the driver’s seat), which sort of presents a problem if you’re driving … but … (I can NOT believe they have drive through drinkie-poo stations here!), kinda explains a few things that I couldn’t explain to the officer.

I just told the officer, “I’m reayyly reayyly starting to lorve it here.  Reaylly. I lorve you too.”

Eight for the road,



7 responses to “I think I’m starting to like it here.

  1. Mocha Dan’s is pretty dang close to my house 🙂 If you find yourself at Cuppachena, order a Spiced Chai. Mmm, mmmm good! So much better than Starbucks.

    • but does the cuppachena (great name, btw!) chai have alcohol in it? 🙂 Starbucks can’t compete with a drive through drinkie-poo (I could NOT believe that they have that here!)!

  2. Oh my! I’m jealous! I need a drive-thru drink station (or a run-by drink station)! It’s wow, beyond words! I’m glad you’re finding good things about Alaska! As I said before, I’d take Alaska over Fort Irwin ANY DAY! Enjoy your drinkie-poo!

  3. They named one after me?!?! I’ll have a dozen looney screeches pleaaaaase!!! Then the next time a hot scotch! Yeeeeeeehaw I can’t wait to visit!!

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