Do you want that on ice?

Yessss. Please.

Here in Alaska, even the local watering hole is F-F-F-FROZEN!!!

And this little beveled gem is my new favorite local(ish) bar.  As a matter of fact, if they had an open mic night, you know what I’d do? I’d get right up on the ice box and strangely whisper this little beatnik poem of a poem right into the mic.  Right into it, totally in a “So I Married An Ax Murderer” kinda way. Dim the lights please:

Ice. Bar.
Icy Ice Ice Bar.
60 miles via car.
A lit.tle too far.
You stole my gas. (and my heart).

(Hard to believe I wrote that. But, yes, and alas, it was me, Alaskalongfellow.)

And now back to the ice bar.  Ice Bar, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:

Ice Bar people are totally cool (and have pretty amazing, chiseled, rock-hard bodies).

Appletini's flow like radioactive lava, and kind of make my tummy twizzle in a floaty happy way.

They let you take these - the MOST delicious 'tini glasses on the planet - home with you! (Which, I haven't quite yet figured out how to do.)

It's always open-xyle night.

Sometimes they feature artists like Nellie.

When you chilly-belly up to this bar?

You'll be singing "Cheers!" from the top of the world.

I love crossing off My AK Bucket List items!  Especially when it ends up being something I want to experience again and again.

I love you Chena Hot Springs Ice Bar.  See you again! (And next time I’m bringing a ‘Tini Glass take-home-transporter-contraption, like a cooler maybe.  I just realized, for the 587 thousandth time, that I am SUCH a dork).

Party on Ice,

AlaskarellaLongfellow (remember the Poem?)


Signing off with a self-portrait (only I did not pencil / ice ax this, so I guess it's not really a real self portrait as much as it is just a portrait. of me. yep. me. fishlips mcgee.)


9 responses to “Do you want that on ice?

  1. Oh, I guess a cooler would have been a good idea. I just put my frosty ice martini glass in my purse. oops

  2. OMG – I’m totally coming to visit :). I love your blog, Katie! It brightens my day.

  3. That place is amazing! You could put that little tini glass on your car as a hood ornament – it will probably last the entire time you’re there! and….. It’s a good thing you look so dang cute in a hat I might add! 🙂

    Love from a place that has no Ice Bar,


  4. Renee Sanders

    Katie….I saw your Aunt Patty last night and she told me about your blog. so this morning I have spent at least a half hour reading everything, all the way back to the beginning! This is awesome and you are such a great writer! I smiled and laughed and got all sentimental…..and I’m thinking that Patty and I need to plan a little trip to Fairbanks. So, you may not know me well but I’ve always wanted to go to Alaska and you’re making it seem that much more inviting! I want to go to the ice bar and have a coffee from the drive thru and see the Pretty School and sign up for the polar bear photography thing. I am not a fan of the cold (I’m a Californian) and Denver is about as cold as I ever want to be, BUT I’m feeling an Alaska adventure coming on! Love your attittude…..Renee BTW, I don’t know how you’re surviving without Glee and Bethany and cable in general!

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