Dippin’ The Water.

Dip the what?

When I was informed we had to put a six-foot-long dipstick down a pipe (outside of our house) on a regular basis just to ensure we would be able to do things like take a shower?  Or flush the toilet?

I may or may not have laid on the floor with a pillow over my face for one to three hours. Or days.  (I needed some time to figure out how my dead body was going to be transported back to Colorado.)

No water pipes? No internet? No TV?  No letting your children play outside (bears, and moose, and eagles? Oh my.).  No sunshine?

I mean, really?!  Whose idea was it to put humans in this kind of place?! And, why on earth am I one of them?  Am I Laura Ingals Wilder? Is it 2010?  I’ve been really confused lately.

And, now.  Now that I’ve had some time to adjust to the idea of dipping the water (and ignore all the rest)?  And now that it is seven (7) degrees outside (a fact that is impossible to ignore)?  And now that the top of the pipe is frozen to the pipe?

Well, I'm considering a winter without bathing.

But I don’t know if I can go without flushing.

Where ARE we?


Is it time to go home yet?


4 responses to “Dippin’ The Water.

  1. Okay, watch the Laura Ingals references-that’s MN! It is cold here, but NOT that cold. Wow, already 7 degrees. You’ve got us seriously beat. At least your got your humor and your dip stick!

  2. and who and where is the outhouse?

  3. that is alaskafella in the outhouse!