You’ve Got Mail!

FYI: if you are planning to move to the arctic and have two young children, you should know: getting the mail is a three thousand and twelve step process (times two):

1. Wool Socks

2. snow suit (she loves it)

3. Boots

4. Hat, gloves, neck-gator .... and uh-oh ...

5. this. ("this" occurs after undoing steps 1-4 (times 2) because one had to pee, and the other was over-heating. once "this" is finished, repeat steps 1-4 (times 2).



Not quite ready! 6. Must complete steps 1-4 on-self OUTSIDE, regardless of outdoor temp (sorry fingers). Should you attempt to get yourself ready inside thing one and thing two overheat and collapse into a hot, wet, mess on the floor in which hats, mittens, and boots fly off requiring repeating steps 1-4 (times two) (again).

7. Okay, here we go!

8. The reward (most days)

All in a days work.

(Tomorrow, I will be joining the people I previously made fun of.  Who drives down their driveway just to get the mail?  Me. That’s who.)

Leaning out my driver’s side window,



5 responses to “You’ve Got Mail!

  1. I am hiking down the driveway with you Katie! It’s the adventure that’s the reward and the adventure for us….reading your blog! Thank you again and again and again!

  2. Maureen Clarke

    Dear Alaskarella,
    I absolutely love your blog! It looms like a brightly wrapped package waiting to be opened each day. Thank you for the gifts!
    Maureen aka Mo aka Momo

  3. Ok thank you Katie for making me laugh today, I needed it!

  4. CUTE post. OMG, I see a guitar case in one of the photos…is Mitch still pursuing a musical career???

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