I Love Vodka, but …

this post by guest writer: M. Sue Vogler!

Cheers to my guest-writer!



5 responses to “I Love Vodka, but …

  1. wow..what a shock to find I am a guest writer on your blog! I’m awake at 4:30 AM..unable to sleep…jet lag & I hate my mattress. Anyways… the funny thing is that I came across this vodka when I was trying to find a yummy “Eau de vie de Mirabelle” cocktail recipe that we had several times in France. The mirabelle is a tiny plum, no way related to a salmon. Ah…the surprises you find when you google!

  2. Welcome home! We missed you! And figured the best way to let you know that this little blog noted your absence, was to feature you! I love your post! As soon as we’re making big blogger money — we’ll get you a new mattress :).

  3. (and a tiny plum cocktail to celebrate)

  4. …if we have $ left-over can we buy a couple of plane tickets to ak??? please….