Are the days really getting shorter?

… these “short” days sure do feel long.

And if I feel that way …

I can’t imagine how this mom feels.

Baby Moose & Mama Moose spotted on a 2pm drive / desperate attempt to get my cubs to take a nap – it worked!  And the scenery was nice too.

What’s for dinner? I’m hungry! Watch out for the power line!  Is this place baby proof? My feet are freezing!  (at least clean up is easier for a Moose Mama?)

Hangin in there,



2 responses to “Are the days really getting shorter?

  1. Are you really headed for 7-10 weeks of DARKNESS, per this HuffPost link? What an education the rest of us are getting with Alaska politics!

  2. Betty Domanski

    Hang in there babe! I admire all the adventuring you are doing in your new abode! Did you get my voicemail the other day? I am assuming you are still getting cell phone service? Love and miss you! 🙂