Because of you…

Today is the Birthday!

Well, actually, yesterday was the birthday.   But, the birthday girl, and my internet service, are both jokesters.   So, we’re a little late.

This year, in honor of my would have been 85 (yesterday) Grandma Dear; I’ve been committed to:

Singing in the morning. (And installing indoor swings.) And basically mustering everything I've got to assist in my chidlren in the "happy childhood" department.

Embracing my silly side.

Creating, and carrying on, holiday traditions.

Creating the kind of space where people love to gather and happy memories can flourish.

Looking towards the future while cherishing the present.

Going out of my way to make others feel special (ok, I need to work on this one).

Remembering what is important.

Taking time to contemplate.

Honing my story telling skills.

Taking the scenic route (with kids in tow).

Happy Birthday to my tap dancing, story telling, joke playing, creative, witty, unconditionally loving, world traveling, dream supporting, cake baking, arts loving, party planning, game playing, energetic, beautiful, author, wife, friend, mother of 11; who was also my dear Grandma Dear.

I am so lucky to have such a role model, inspiration, and guiding light up above.  I love you Grandma Dear.


Thank you for teaching me so many important things, not the least of which is dressing inanimate objects for holidays.

Of all her many titles, I am especially grateful for you this one, "D.J., Katie's Grandma."


15 responses to “Because of you…

  1. Beautiful Post! I thought the wind was making me tear-up. Now I KNOW it’s you. She’s definitely smiling from above. Wonderful memories and goals for you. Keep the ball rolling – or – the key-pad clicking. You’re blog is nothing short of terrific!

  2. Beautiful….perfect….again!

    Oh how I miss my grandma – and all the things only she could say and do in that special way only she had!

    Glory Be and Happy Birthday to your Grandma Dear! I hope they are jitter bugging together!

  3. When I met your grandma at your wedding, I knew she was beautiful & special, but now I know just how much. She was absolutely stunning as a young woman. And dear Katie, you do take after her much more than you give yourself credit.

  4. Mary, god mommy Stevens

    I love it Katie!!! You brought many tears to my eyes too! I love all the photos too, despite weird hair styles! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face and so many wonderful memories back with more to come!
    Love you

  5. Oh Katie, What a wonderful tribute to your grandmother. We are all lucky to have had such a wonderful woman in our lives.

  6. Maureen Clarke

    I am at school and am in need of a tissue. What a beautiful, dear tribute to a wonderful, Mom and Grandma.
    Love you more,

  7. I would like to ditto to all the above comments and just mention…. I know she would be so proud of you and this blog! Love the photos 🙂

  8. Capital Connection

    Ohhh guy! Sniff, sniff. Slice me some more cucumbers. Me eyes have been swollen all week … and will continue. Awesome post, Alaskarella, and awesome photos. What a wonderful tribute to such a wonderful lady.

    Big hugs to you, Dr. Beanie and your little cubs. I love you!


  9. Thanks tribe! I’m so lucky to have so much love and warmth — especially because tomorrow the HIGH is 5 Below! I’m gonna wrap myself in Grandma Dear zest and my tribe’s blog comments to stay warm!! Really, thanks, your overwhelming feedback makes my day. Thanks for cheering me on and up. I’m so lucky.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! She was such a wonderful correspondent as you are now. Love to Alaskarella, the Cubs & Alaskafella.

  11. What a legacy your grandma has given you. I am glad you are part of the Vogler legacy. Thank you for every detail of your adventure up north.

  12. Peggy Bernardis

    Katie , love being so inspired!!!! DJ is so proud of you and how you are taking such the “high road” with your Alaska adventures!!! ( we all are!) Thanks for making us feel so connected! Love you so much, Peggy

  13. Jenna Capobianco

    oh for the love… as if post-pregnancy hormones weren’t bad enough. totally sobbing. love the post. love the subject of the post and the writer as well. thank you. thank you. xoxome

  14. Hi,
    I would like to introduce myself; I am MaLeia Anne’s Momma. She has many times mentioned you in conversion and how much she enjoys you and your family. Following a phone conversation we had today she suggested I visit your blog. Wow….how refreshing, you are a very funny, creative, and talentated writer. I can so relate to much of what you write about but I was deeply touched with the tribute to your “Dear Grandma”.
    The short story you shared gave me insite into your Grandma as well as the love she taught your family. Although we have not met, I have met your brother Brady and he is truly a product of such a love filled family. I have great admiration for how he treats my daughter. His care for her lessens my daily worry.
    Thank you for your blog and keep up the good work. I am certain there are many more folks that will enjoy “Alaskarella” as much as I have.
    I look forward to someday meeting face-to-face. Until then I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.
    Kim (MaLeia’s Mommma)

    • Thanks Kim! Wow! What great encouragement! And, what great sentiments! I wrote your comment down and posted it on my wall!

      I can’t wait to meet you, and I just love your daughter (who doesn’t?!) She is irresistible – so darn thoughtful and kind and beautiful and smart and accomplished and … we all think Brady is pretty darn lucky.

      Happy Turkey Day to YOU! I’m so thankful for your kindness, and for your daughter having the patience to put up with my brother. (did you see that mustache? geesh!)

      Hugs to YOU!