If you can make it here, you’ll make it …

Anywhere? Puh-lease! New York, New York, give me a break!

I am positive, that if ol’ Blue Eyes had visited the Big Icebox instead of the Big Apple …

He would have realized the tagline  “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere…” belongs to the city that never melts.

Because I made it in the city that never sleeps — and that was patty-cake, baby-stuff, door-to door-delivery service and taxi cab take out compared to this. Seriously, this – the isolation; the cold; the darkness; the really grumpy people … it is no day at Barneys.

It’s up to you (well, me)! Fair-banks, Fair-banks!

I’m doing the can-can in my mind,



5 responses to “If you can make it here, you’ll make it …

  1. Taking Alaska by storm! I love you KC! Missing you from the sweaty rock!

  2. Hang in there Katie! I’m no expert, but short winter days and the cold can bring you down (says a woman who lives in Southern California). You’ll feel better in the Spring. I bet you find a project up there that excites you. Life up there may be hard on you, but you’re providing those of us who read your blog with opportunities to laugh, cry, and reflect. So thank you for that.

  3. Hang in there Katie! Sidenote- I was by that exact sign less than 4 months ago in the almost never ending light…hang in there!

  4. You just gotta get out your cookbooks and tell Martha and Rachael Ray to move over….you’re coming up on stage! Cook some good hearty soup, get a fire burning (although I doubt it ever stops burning), light some good smelling candles, put on some good music and sing – loud!!! And dance Katie dance!

  5. Ugh, thank you guys. I feel like you’re cheering me through a marathon. Like Ronnie says, come on Spring! I’ve got the music on, I did some dancing, made some soup! great ideas, T, I feel better! and it’s snowing now — which makes it warmer. Brooke, I’m about to start running for the ocean, maybe I could swim to the sweat rock? I think I have the blubber to stay afloat / stay warm on the way :). Tiffany, why on earth were you in this neck of the earth?