Gentlemen, please.

Flowers?  Jewelry? Chocolate?  Please.  According to the Auto Trim Design ad that plays incessantly on the radio, the real way to let your lady know she’s special…

this is love.

Auto-start.  Touch a button and your car is all warmed up by the time you’re ready to get in (you can check the car’s internal temp on your little remote key thing).

It’s the perfect way to end a long and lovely day at the coffice (coffee house with high speed internet. aka nirvana), or exit a grocery store with two freezing, whiney, cubs in tow on a below zero kind of day.

I am loved.



3 responses to “Gentlemen, please.

  1. Ben told me about this the other day and I had one word…BRILLIANT!!!

  2. I am going to start my letter to Santa right now.

  3. Ahhhh, What a good boy. My boy is thoughtful like that as well. You are truly loved.