Would you …

(See the marked ones?) Timberrrrr?

Cut down the neighbors trees to install a sattelite dish on a DIFFERENT neighbors property so that you could have access to television?  Would you?

What if you really, really missed Tim Gunn and had a better relationship with him than either set of neighbors?

What if one of your neighbors, the ones who don’t actually live on the cut-down-the-trees “TIMBER!!!” property  (because they live in … LANIKAI on Oahu) say, “Go ahead and chop ’em.  We don’t mind, bro.” ?

What if the other neighbor, the one who you need to borrow a three-foot, street-side, corner pocket of his property; the one who invited you to “project night” at his house  every Monday and offered to teach you to whittle wood and help you build a swing set, says, “Cutting down trees for TV seems a little backwards to me.”  (And, Carl, I agree).

Because when you live in  a place where it is too cold for cable, and the sattelites that are directly above the earth in most of the world hover at just 15 degrees in the sky, that is what you have to do to clear the tree line and get a clear shot of the satellite.

Would you do all that?  Just wondering.

What’s on TV tonight?



9 responses to “Would you …

  1. I would be the first one out there chopping that tree down! Go for it!!

  2. Just make sure you don’t do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpJTJ5OA4HU

  3. Carl be damned. That woods coming down. Think of it this way Carl, more wood to widdle pal.

  4. It was a very famous Alaska senator who clearly understood the need for that “bundle of tubes” called the internet. What’s two or tree (sic) trees for a tube?

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