Hell Has Frozen Over.

"The last time a school day was shortened was in 2003. School hasn’t been canceled outright in more than 30 years, the administration estimated." - Fairbanks News Miner

School was shortened on Monday and all together called off today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday).

Fairbankians have been asked not to leave their houses except in the case of an extreme emergency.

Why? Because hell has fozen over.  ICE STORM!

On Monday, Fairbankians tried to do what they do best, pull up their long Johns and go head-to-head with mama nature.

She laughed in their ruddy, red faces.  Which sounded like this: school buses sliding sideways and toppling onto their sides across the road stopping traffic in either direction leaving people stranded on the road with their gas tanks running empty for hours; semi -trucks sliding backwards down hills; ditches on either sides of the roads littered with vehicles like a car cemetery.

Last week, I thought negative 12 was down right mean.  This week, I’m worried someone might get hurt.  And not because of the icy roads … but because we have been stuck inside our house for FIVE (5) days.  (While the power flickers on and off and our internet service is all but frozen.)

You know what Mama de la Nature?

I. Give. Up.

You win.  (And those trees, by the way, are coming down.  Listen Nature, I’ve had about enough of you.)

Fire up the chainsaw,



4 responses to “Hell Has Frozen Over.

  1. “Oh, me – Oh, my – He barks and he plays all night.” How many Wiggles re-runs can a mother of two endure? May your melt-down free your trapped cubs and fire-stoking fella in the very near future. “Top Ten Things to Be Thankful for this Thanksgiving” – Okay, how about a “Top Five” – 1. Alaskarella, 2. Alaskafella, 3. Agirlnamedzoey, 4., Atoddlernamedlucy, 5. Alaskanotsouthkorea. Hugs from my neighborhood.

  2. Oh Katie! Wow!

    You better keep those fallen trees handy – you might need firewood.

    I wish you warmth, a great meal, coziness, beauty, family and a downright (or upright) Fantastic Arctic Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Who doesn’t love a snow day? Congrats!

  4. Cut the trees down, save yourselves! A mother has to do what a mother has to do. And, being a mother means never having to say you’re sorry – TIMBER!!