Thanksgiving from far, far away.

Here we are having Thanksgiving,

in a pool hall.

Blasphemous? Rebellious? The antithesis of the big family gatherings we were missing? Yes, yes, and oh, yes. We did something totally different to try and beat the "wish I were" blues (and it wasn't like we were "racking up" invites ...).

The food was yummy; the drinks were even better; and even without the "aaaws" and adoration of a room full of friends and relatives, Lucy felt like she was looking pretty special.

We went home with our bellies and our hearts feeling thankful and full.

Which is the way Thanksgiving has, is, and always will be.

Thank Goodness for Thanksgiving and all we have to be thankful for; even if it is from far, far away.



8 responses to “Thanksgiving from far, far away.

  1. …makes me sad that you are so far away..especially at holiday time. But you all look happy, except Lucy looked pretty anxious to get down and shoot some pool. The pool hall sure looks like it has lots of character & charm…NOT

  2. Love you, love you, love the way you take on the moment! Happiness to you and your three love birds! Hugs, monica

  3. Oh shoot, sometimes it makes me so sad to read your bolg. We talked about you guys all night, were your ears burning? You were missed by all! Z & L look very happy at the pump house! Good job Alaskarella.

  4. A mutual friend told me about your blogging site. Wow! You’ve got more energy than I have and I thought I was over-cooked. I hope your family appreciates your tale-telling talent. If they don’t now, maybe through the coming years.
    You’ve converted me, Alaskarella. Add me to your list of readers.

  5. We missed you on Thanksgiving as well. Maybe next year, we’ll all go to the pool hall. Until then, you’re behind the 8 ball. Stay warm.

  6. Rack ’em up girls! How are you so blonde, so skinny, and having the cutest boots in Alaska?! What a fun night! I miss you so friend and I’m so glad I have your blog to make me smile. You are one of a kind Giddy up!

  7. We never thought of adding pool as a thanksgiving ritual. Next time Team Alaska is in town, rack ‘EM.

  8. Lovely, thankful you.