My friends out here are dying. Seriously.

I'm dying out here. Me too.

When we moved into the igloo, we had 29 musk oxen neighbors around the block chillin (freezing) in the fields at the University Research Center  … now there are 13.  According to The News Miner article, the inexplicable  musk ox die off has  “researchers scratching their heads.”

Are these gentle giants the canaries of our time?

And if so, or even if not, please may I put in for a relocation to somewhere the radio DJ never, ever says, “If you can just hold on until the weekend, it’s going to warm up to almost zero!”

Is this for real?

Alaskarella – a friend of the musk ox.


5 responses to “My friends out here are dying. Seriously.

  1. That is so sad about your furry neighbors. I googled the article and there were lots of interesting comments. Make sure you check for my email about xmas gifts, so i can mail them SOON…

  2. Oh, so sad about the musk ox. They are such funny looking guys.

  3. I couldn’t open the article, but could it be that they are freezing to death!

    • They think they are malnourished 😦 – a vitamin deficiency – which is so sad, because it is so preventable, and once they start to die it is hard to get them to start eating again. They really are so gentle and kind looking … I hope they start to get more food!

  4. Poor musk oxen!