North Pole visit with Santa

Yesterday we took our ice sleigh for a quick jaunt to the North Pole to visit Santa! How cool is that? (A. Very, very, very cool - tingly, stingy, fingers kind of cool.)

We made sure Prancer was down with our new address, and gave him very specific directions. Like, "Just go right, and then up, and then you can call my mom if you get lost."

We also bribed Santa's reindeer with animal crackers. Zoey kept saying, "We have more where this came from buddy." Where does she get this stuff? (me.)

This must be the naughty list (note, our names are missing). Phil?

Come on Lucy, don't blow it for us.

Lucy cried.  Zoey was very articulate but post-facto bummed that she only asked for one thing, when really she wants a lot more than just one thing. Mitch didn’t ask for a thing.  And it took all the elves in the entire North Pole (circa 72) to pry my big bum off the wish-maker’s lap, “And I also want .., and also, and also, and maybe, and if not that then ….”

It was just what we needed to get into the spirit of this most wonderful time of the year.

Sending Christmas Cheer from the North Pole,


May you hear Blitzen's hooves on your roof very shortly!


6 responses to “North Pole visit with Santa

  1. What a couple of adorable cuties. Zoey looks sooooo grown up!

    xx, me

  2. Hi Pistol! How is the biz?! Thinking of you in holiday season! 🙂 And, tonight I wore my so chic scarf overlay … ooh, la, la! Gracias muchas y besos a ti!

  3. I’m sure there’s no coal in this family picture. Thx 4 your wonderful continuing gift 2 all of your readers!!!

  4. Capital Connection

    So cute! Thought of you this past weekend. I took Gracie to NYC for her (are you sitting down?) … sixteenth birthday! We had an absolute blast. It was nice because she has been there enough that we didn’t do the tourist stuff, but did our best to blend in as New Yorkers — okay, not so well as I didn’t have my mom’s fur coat. It was cold and WINDY, the lights were twinkling, and everyone was in a joyous holiday mood. I really mean this. Gracie found a delicious gluten-free restaurant in NoHo. She looked like she had died and gone to heaven when she bit into her pizza. So sweet. Great people watching, great memories. A new tradition in our house! Yippee! Love to you all. Thanks for sharing your tales. They are wonderful.

  5. …hmm, miss katie, let me guess, you were asking Santa for sunshine, double digit weather, high speed internet, satellite tv, a gluten-free restaurant , a couple of friends that live within 5 miles….I guess nothing that would fit into your stocking hung above the woodstove. What a fun day for the girls (with the exception of Lucy on Santa’s lap). Christmas will really be magical with the snow, the reindeer, the cozy house in the woods. Take tons of pix.

  6. Ho ho ho to the North Pole!