Hooray for 10 Below!

Looking towards a bright future.

Check out our new liberty bell! Ring, Freedom, Ring!

We are now connected to the world wide web, from our house where we don’t have to buy a new drink every hour to stay online!  And where Lucy can run free without a “you break it, you buy it” policy!

WHOOO HOOO!  I’m going surfing!

Thank you for your above 20 below vibes … they worked! It was only 10 below and the boom truck was a rockin!

Love from a happy, happy, happy mouse potato,



8 responses to “Hooray for 10 Below!

  1. Wahoooooo!

  2. Yaahooo….finally! We’ve been doing the SUN dance down here, knowing that if it warmed up “down here”, it would come your way & warm you guys up too!!
    So excited, we’re going to have to “tip it” this afternoon & say a grateful CHEERS to the wifi gods!

  3. Fabulous news…the faster you can post your blogs, the faster i can rely. is there such a thing as a blog cheerleader? if so, then i am the team captain…

  4. Maureen Clarke

    So glad you’re hooked up! Congrats!

  5. NICE! Do I win something for guessing 10 below? And that’s what is was here today too. I feel closer to you than ever! We got 18 inches of snow this weekend. FUN!

    So, how about a top ten sites I missed, or first 10 sites I spent a lot of time on after the dish? I want to know where you’ll be spending all of your time now!
    Congrats and hello hulu!

  6. so happy for you and yes to hulu from me too.

  7. And the joy could be felt in every keystroke! Happy for all of you!