Must Draw Line.

Q.) What's wrong with this picture? A.) Everything.

I am so cold.  I am going to Mexico.

Hasta Luego Fairbanks.



9 responses to “Must Draw Line.

  1. WOWZA!!! NO WAY! !!! What kind of slippers do you have? And have you seen this? You should!

    • HI FRIEND! I saw it (Thanks to you) I made it my screen saver (the head stand) it made me laugh so hard I cried. Thanks for being you. You brighten my day. 🙂

  2. Hey Mexirella, be sure to check your email. I need some info from you before you head south.

    We love and miss you and will see you in June

  3. I have never seen a temperature reading this low! Get the —- (rhymes with duck) out of there!

  4. Brrrr…

  5. Oh my…..I’m so sorry to have ever compared living in Northeast Ohio to life in Alaska!

  6. Katie –
    Send me your address. You won’t regret it!!
    Where are you going in Mexico??

    Molly S

  7. GD,
    Brrrrrrrrrr! There is some exciting new research being done on medical use of hypothermia. The most exciting work involves treatment for neonatal encephalopathy where they are seeing reversal of patterns that previously predicted cerebral palsy. That is a very good thing. They are also experimenting w brain freeze and stroke. adults are not quite so resilient w icicle therapy.
    Now, the real question is the impact on your brain w prolong exposure. have the Inuits won any Nobel prizes. other than Santa Claus, who else has the North Pole produced? Well, dear Katie, slowing down your metabolism will translate to greater longevity. Ho, ho, ho, and enjoy Mexico.