Good Morning Moon! This photo taken at 10 this morning on the longest night of the year. The best thing about the longest night of the year? That from here on out ... our suntime is on the up and up! WHOOOO HOOOOOO!

I’m so happy about the upswing in our sun-time that I’m going to have my very first blog giveaway ….TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS and AN ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP TO SPAAAAA-IN!!!! (I’m tryin’ to say it like Oprah getting louder at the end of each word.)

Well, technically, I’m not giving 10K away and an international vaca  – but Ford Focus is! All you have to do is:

1. Make a simple two minute video about a cause your champion (your cause needs to fall under education, environment,  or hunger).

2. Post your video on their facebook page (by December 31, 2010).

3. Winners (chosen based on content and creativity) will be given 10K to put towards their cause AND an all expense paid trip to Madrid, Spain to participate in the Ford Focus Test drive event (Feb 18 – 20, 2011).

Let your light shine,


** Speaking of moons … My personal favorite Ford Focus 10K / Spain Vaca contest entry:  Moonwalk for Earth.  Genius.  And doesn’t this look like a marvelous place for a moonwalk?

A marvelous place for a moonwalk ... With the flags up above in the sky ...


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