1.1.11 11:11 … ONE word “Resolution”

I went to Mexico and lost my mind. I liked it. I liked it a lot. 🙂

Happy, Happy New Year!

Are you one of the 44% of Americans making a resolution?  I am not.  🙂  And, I like it like that.

I am setting a one word intention.  It’s an idea I originally came across on Christine Kane’s blog, and I like it.  I like it a lot.

So, my word of the year?  (or maybe just my word of the month, because I kind of am hip to the practice of a new focus each month … ) Acceptance.

In Mexico, looking out over the ocean, I realized that ALL my struggles come from wishing things aren’t what they are.  Turns out: wishing for global warming to REALLY take effect in Fairbanks; for my sweet one and a half year old to finally sleep all night (and sometimes (ok lots of the time) I wish she’d sleep all day too); or for the ability to choose where I live (not that “where the sun don’t shine” wouldn’t be my first choice) … has done absolutely NOTHING besides infuriate me.

And so, I am choosing: Acceptance.

To surrendering.  And accepting.  And letting go of the fight.


P.S. Just now, I clicked “post” and the wheel started turning and I went into: “Oh, my GOD!  WHY?! WHY do we have next to the slowest (because we used to have the slowest) g.d. internet on the entire planet” … and then I remembered, “Accept it.”  And while I waited I pictured the sun on my face in Mexico and meditated on, “Accept it.” Strangely, this seemingly passive intention of acceptance is really very ambitious for me :).  And, I like it like that.  Plus, I like feeling the sun on my face.


5 responses to “1.1.11 11:11 … ONE word “Resolution”

  1. Welcome home Katie! I’m glad you had a great trip. We’ve missed you!

  2. You “glo” girl! May 2011 be on of health, happiness & acceptance for our Alaskan family. XOXO from PA…

  3. It took being run down as a pedestrian by a truck to learn acceptance. Some days it is difficult to accept anything but it helps a lot, most of the days. Persevere.

  4. So Zen

  5. Wonderful Photo! Great attitude. Keep that train of thought.