Don't I look HAPPY?! (oh wait, this picture must have been taken after I passed out.)

Jumped right into the zeitgeist of the New Year and hopped on the e-train for the first time in about a thousand years.  My fat-jiggler of choice? ZUMBA!  So freaking fun.    And so is the word zeitgeist.

2011. So far, so good.


PS – Speaking of Zumba, Zeitgeist, and Resolve –  43 things could entertain me for like 43 years.


5 responses to “Zeitgeist

  1. Great find! Good for you!

  2. Who are these women? Can they be your new AK best friends? FUN!

  3. Maureen Clarke

    Dear Katie,
    A new dance studio opened up near my house and I took Jenna, Kelly, Bayley, and Nancy Zumbaing. It is a blast! Glad you are enjoying it too!