My little “Wonder-Girl.”

A collection of magic filled questions from Wonder Girl, the most wonder-full girl in all of the world.

One day you wondered, "Does the rain fly away?"

Another day you asked, "Is the sun stretching before it gets up for the day?"

When you were two-and-twee-twarters, you told you pretty school teacher, "When I was a baby, I was LOST on TV."

Then you wondered, "How did I get out?" And, "Who came to find me?"

"Do you see the pixie dust twinkling in the air?"

And, "Why don't girl dinosaurs have any hair?"

"Where do waterfalls come from?"

"What do butterflies eat?

"How many friends will I have?"

And, "How will we all meet?"

"When will my wings work?

And, "Can I drive a car?"

"Why is the way to Grandma and Grandpa's so far?"

I love you so much. It just breaks my heart.

"Well do you have another one?!" You asked with a start.

You are the most wonder-full person I ever have known.

May you continue to wonder long after you're grown.

Happy Birthday Zoey!  I love you.


Your mamacita

* What do you wish for at 11:11? How about at 11:11 on 1/11/11?

To fulfill my recurrent 11:11 wish of someday becoming a published author, I plagiarized all my daughter’s words and  “published” this little ditty as a real “book” on iphoto.  Have you ever used the IPhoto “book” feature? It is so easy. (And I was able to include lots more photos.)  Seeing wonder girl revel in her own wonder and words fills me up.  I’ve decided making memories is definitely one of my most favorite parts of parenting.  So is making wishes come true.  And plagiarizing.

I wrote a story

with lots of pictures.


26 responses to “My little “Wonder-Girl.”

  1. It’s not plagiarism, it’s biography. And a wonderful one, at that. Happy Birthday!

  2. Beautiful…I am afraid you are showing up my book…but i will forge ahead. Nice book..nice post..beautiful subject….

    • HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY…can’t believe you are four already…time does fly..

      • well, you actually are the original photo book maker, so you can claim all the credit for implanting the idea. 🙂 she loves to be the star of the story. can’t wait to read the next one!

  3. Oh so beautiful Katie….beautiful to the depth of your heart! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness! Beautiful! I love love the book idea, may have to plagiarize you! Happy birthday Z!

    • do it! it is sooo easy, and the finished product is really polished and the photos come out great. it made me feel just a little bit proud! so often ALL my pics are just digital and I don’t do much with them, it’s nice to see them actually on paper!

  5. Oh my, did Zoey have a role in LOST? Which episode?How exciting!!:)

    • Yes, she’s a LOST “star.” She’s (one of many babies who plays) Claire’s baby “Aaron” on season three. She really excelled at non-stop crying for the first six months of her life, so she plays the crier. Her BIG moment is the season three finale when Charlie dies and they do a close up of her as she breaks into a hysterical fit. It’s perfect actually and basically sums up her whole babyhood in .2 seconds.

  6. love it! Happy Birthday Zoey! I bet she can read this book too!

    • yes, she thinks she can read it – and sometimes she gets it right. she’s going to read it to the class tomorrow at school for her sharing day … she’s been practicing ALL night long (I can hear her still going up in her bed.) she is SO excited about her birthday. even though she’s “already four” (because of her mexican fiesta), tomorrow she’ll be “a brand new four year old.”

  7. Renee Sanders

    My heart was so full in reading all of this….and the pictures, beautiful! I have to say that I was teary, remembering my own sweet “babies” and how time does, indeed, go by so fast…..they are now 16, 18, 21 and 23….and just yesterday they were 4 and full of their own wonder. Beautiful book, Katie and what a treasured gift for Zoey.

    • Hi Renee! Thanks, you make me feel so good. 1 to 4 is wonderful – and also exhausting!! You did it four times! Now, if I were you, I think I’d have to lie down for the next 20 years. Congrats. I mean it.

  8. What a terrific idea that book is. I love it! All the kids at school will be jealous. Happy Birthday to Zoey for me. Sounds like your spirits are up as the days are getting longer.

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  10. I’m pumping and crying, crying and pumping. It’s late at night and my heart is warm and fuzzy. Great entry. Can we make a Skype date so Stella and I can sing happy birthday to your sweet angel? Xoxojenna

  11. Sobbing. Sobbing. Oh I just love you guys!!

  12. If I’m reborn will you be my mamacita?