Remember, the lynx?

The one on the pretty school playground?  The place where my daughter plays?

Oh. My. Gawd. It looks like he got hungry.

I’m off to make some new not-welcome mats for the preschool playground gates (it involves plywood and nails poking straight up).

Not Welcome Mat.

Happy Monday,



4 responses to “Remember, the lynx?

  1. Ohhhh…seriously, that not-so-pretty picture was taken at pretty school? I’m hoping, beyond hope, that the lynx had just ingested a small rodent…..

  2. You left me with a few questions! Who took this photo? Where was it taken? and When did they shoot this pic? I’m just wondering ….

  3. It’s a deer (Oh, deer)! And, it was taken by Todd Paris, I think. I came across it on his Facebook page. He’s the UAF photographer guy.

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