What. A. Week.

I feel a little numb after this week. Anyone else?

Last Friday around 11 am Alaskafella called from the hospital. I answered in a complete tizzy cursing sap.   It was stuck to my fingers, and therefore the phone, and now my hair, and now the sink faucet, and the soap dispenser …

Instead of responding to my saptastrophy, he said, “Sit down.”  And then he said  a 16 month battalion tasking (aka war zone assignment) had come down the pike. He was one of three candidates being considered for the job.  Whoa.  I thought of our kids and wondered everything for about 99 seconds.  Then I decided to completely ignore the information until I had confirmation.

I had the best day skiing on Saturday!  A beautiful ski mountain is only 11 minutes from our house!  And it was warm (13 degrees!).

Despite my best denial attempts,  I couldn’t sleep Sunday night or breathe on Monday.   Monday evening we found out Mitch wasn’t the one who had been given the 16 month deployment.  THANK GOD.  I almost fell over.  It felt like the bones fell out of my body.   I closed my eyes and cried.  I had no idea how upset I’d been about the whole thing until then.

Then, I found out that our new friend Pete, not so lucky. He did get the tasking.  He will be headed to a war zone – in March – for 16 months.   Actually, he starts training before he goes, so he will only be here in Alaska working at the hospital for a few more weeks.  Then he’s off to Fort Irwin, California to get combat ready. He is just married.  His wife (Katie), like me, just moved here.  Their household goods arrived yesterday.  Now what? Ugh.

Tuesday I found out one sorority sister is happily engaged! Congrats Marie! Her facebook pictures glow.

I also found out a sorority sister passed away. What? My heart broke. And it aches for her older sister, who was in my pledge class and whom I always admired very much; and I hurt for her twin  sister who also was a Chi Omega.   And their younger brother, and parents … 29.  My heart is so heavy.

Wednesday Zoey turned four.  I am SO happy she sleeps through the night and can articulate herself.  Everyday I feel like I know her better.  And strangely, when she gleefully asked Wednesday night, “Do you miss your three year old?”  I said, “Yes.  I do.” And I meant it.  What? Perplexing.

Thursday I was BLOWN away by my blog feedback.  I don’t think my feet touched the ground. I am so touched to feel so supported far and near.  Your comments really touched me. Thank you.

Then, I watched President Obama speak at the Arizona Memorial on you tube.  I have no words.

Ali’s memorial service is today.  I will be one of 200 some “sorority girls” holding our sister and her actual sisters, and brother, and parents, and nephew, and everyone who will miss her, and everyone who didn’t get to meet her yet, on high.

This week I existed in a 3-D greeting card reading, “Time is fleeting and precious.”  Mitch could miss out on a year of his babies lives; Zoey is already 4; wonderful people die way before their time; tragic shootings occur; and the world is full of wonderful, supportive, loving people and beautiful ski mountains.

The only thing that’s important is to enjoy our time and fill it with love.  Because, in the end, that’s all we get to take with us, or leave behind.

To seal the deal, this morning, I got sap on my hands.   I didn’t freak out.  (Turns out Pam cooking oil is the sap antidote.)  What I hope is that the perspective this week brought sticks.

“X” and a Horseshoe, Chi- O.

Sending Love,



15 responses to “What. A. Week.

  1. Oh Katie – it’s a sobering reality – this life we live. And you pegged it….its the time we have and the love we share that count….because if it is lived well and given freely….well we didn’t miss out on a thing!

  2. Love the Snow-Angel! That took some doing…
    Great message today to carry into all our tomorrows.

  3. Condolences on your loss. Just caught up on your last 7 entries. You just keep getting better and better. Wow!!!

    • Thanks Phil. You’ve always been one of my most loyal fans. Remember Sue Per Star line coaching for the 4th grade skit? Hope all is well with you and your grandpuppy.

  4. Oh Katie… My heart stopped beating for a minute for you! Wow, what a week & hope that your weekend is much better & you’re able to relax by the fire with some spiked hot coco. As much as we would have loved to see M here at Fort Irwin, I’m so glad he’s not coming. 16 months! REALLY army, what are you trying to do to families? One of the docs here is also leaving for a 15 month deployment… Waiting for Swanny to get back in May & will be anxious to hear when M is deploying. *sigh* Also, so sorry for your loss, it’s hard to lose a sister at such a young age, I’ll keep you all in my prayers. (((hugs)))

    • Ugh. Let’s just insert head into sand and stay there until otherwise notified. I think deployment is awful. Living under the cloud of it? Also awful. I’m on my knees with you praying. In my opinion months upon months away from your family in a war zone is the most expensive “scholarship” ever.

  5. OH my. Sending you & Ali’s family and friends warm thoughts and prayers. It’s really hard to lose a friend and sister. I’m just a skype/email/phone away if you ever need to process…I am (alas) familiar with that brand of loss. HUGS!!

  6. ps: 16 months? WTF? Didn’t the Army (or, the potus?) stop the 15month deployments in order to keep up morale and save family quality of life? I mean. DUDE.

    • I know. 16 months should be illegal. As should death before 80. Sometimes life sucks. But blogs and friends make it better. Love to you Katy D! Hope all is well with you and your mom.

  7. Well said prima. Life is a messy business and an emotional ride to be sure. Glad you all “dodged that bullet” when it came this deployment. It never ceases to amaze me, the sacrifices that our military and their families make so that we can live in such a great country. That includes you. Thank you all four for freezing your little tuckuses off for all of us. We love you all so much. And So sorry for the loss of your friend.

    • You know one thing I wish? That I lived closer to you. Like maybe on the first floor of your house. Miss you like loco. And wish I could come to the Valentine Party! So sweet in so many ways.

  8. I just dreamed something like this the other night! How insane! I read this and it was like deja vu!! Oh Katie . You woulda had to come live with me. Tis true.