Is Fairbanks always Dark?

Solstice Day Sun in Fairbanks (photo by Todd Paris)

On Solstice Day, the sun was out for about an hour.  With about a half-hour or so of twilight before it arrived and after it’s departure.

3:30 sunset January in Fairbanks

These days (and for most of December and January) the sun is rising around 10:30 and going down around 3:30.  Also with a half-hour of so of twilight on either side.   I’ve noticed it’s trajectory between where it rises and sets is getting wider! And the midday sun is climbing higher and higher into the sky.   Longer days are on their way.

So, it isn’t exactly dark all the time.  Stars are out and you have to turn your overhead light on in your car to find your gloves from about 4pm – 9 am. Otherwise, the sky is often pink.  And brand, smack, in the middle of the day it’s blue.

Happy Saturday.  Hope you’re having fun out there today and enjoying some pretty skies overhead.




4 responses to “Is Fairbanks always Dark?

  1. Monica "mooo" tee hee


  2. I’m sure the darkness is frustrating but how magical it seems to me to live in a world that is mostly pink.

  3. that was Lauren as Lauren & now this is Sue as Sue…they were camping at the Reindl’s the last few day…but back with us today. this whole dark to light think is most interesting to see & hear about. keep the camera rolling & the keyboard a going…