Me & Janis J. Getting ready for our Special Day.

Happy Birthday, to you! No, you! No, you! No, you!

In honor of my late, great, sun sign, Capricorn/ Aquarian cusp sister, Janis; I thought I’d let my birthday wishes be known.  Especially if any of my readers are bajillionaires, or the Lord.

So, here it is (in a raspy voice):

Oh, Lord?

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a new age retreat?
Wanna meditate with Deepak and sit on the beach.
Chanting and singing; visualize and be “zen.”
Mostly take four days ‘til I see my children again.


Oh Lord, won’t you buy me this long swishy gown?
Got nowhere to wear it in this ice covered town.
It’s ethereal. Impractical. And I do not care.
I’d wear it instead of my long underwear.

(The Lord sings, "Is she finished yet?" No.)

Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a new diamond ring?
Mine got cut off in month seven, remember, I screamed?

I'd also like this one, which I also lost. Oh Lord, I’m stupid. And don’t wanna pay the cost.

Oh Lord, can you believe it’s almost my birthday?
Just get me all the aforementioned, and I should be okay.

All that, and every single thing in Anthropologie*, please.

Thank you Lord,


* Antrhopologie, by the way, is perhaps the best store in the world. No it is.  And it is perhaps best described by one of my favorite blogs, Stuff White People Like, like this: “You might have walked past it a few times at your local mall and wondered how they crammed the interior of a late-nineteenth century barn into a shopping center that was built in 2005. It is the store equivalent of a Wes Anderson film, which certainly helps to explain its appeal, but it is also the most efficient way for white women to look and (hopefully) live like Amélie.”  Yes, that’s it exactly.


14 responses to “Me & Janis J. Getting ready for our Special Day.

  1. Happy Birthday, A-Rella! Today is my best pal Spanxy’s birthday. I bet if we all lived in Alaska we’d be having some big fun. With big coats. And mittens. And the Anthro catalog. Hope the Lord comes through with the swishy dress, it would look sweet with Sorels.

  2. Ha! This image of me, dress, and Sorel’s on the frigid streets of downtown Fairbanks makes me laugh (and cry)! Plus you and Spanxy? Even Better! Happy Birthday to your amiga. And, no, I did not see your PW post! Where is it? I made it as far as “The Brazilian” and girl, you rocked it. 😉

  3. Here’s the PDub post – if you’ve noticed Ree talk about her friend Lindy? She’s Claudia’s sister. So it’s totally like Ree and I, and thusly YOU are best friends. Or something.

  4. Dropped something in the mail for your B-Day this morning though, unfortunately, it won’t arrive until Saturday or Monday. Would have been on time but we were delayed by an avalanche on the pass yesterday plus the dog ate my homework. Keep the blog rolling. You have many silent readers and that’s a good thing.

  5. Monica "mooo" tee hee

    Happy Happy B-day, sista! You deserve some of the things you asked for, and that dress!!! The weather man dropped a Fairbanks is cold joke yesterday! WAS it REALLY 46 below? No WAY!!! Sending warm MN love to you on your birthday.

    • Yes. Yes it is that cold. I’m so glad the MN weatherman is noting “how much worse it could be!” But, I hear it’s cold down there too! Keep your warm booties on!

  6. Yes rella, keep up the blog, I read and love every post. I was there when you got that ring cut off and you handled it pretty darn well. I will never forget your face when the woman at the jewelry store told you without much confidence that she could do it” and has one or two times !!!! Yikes… Then she pulled out giant fence cutters that you see in bank heist films that were literally 3 feet long!!!! That is when I left you to distract darling zoey…(my pleasure). But when you came back with you momma at your side no tears… No fears….

    Keep up the good work… We are enjoying it….

    Fav cuz

  7. Seriously my favorite post to date.

    • Me too! Know why? Because WE have the best taste ever. Please start a “buy me this” blog. Who cares if we never actually own a single item, it would be so fun to see and swoon.

  8. Great, great post!!!!! I read the whole thing with the tune in my head, nicely done! I hope you’ve had a great birthday 🙂 you sure do deserve it!

    • Thanks Ms. Ma Leia! It was fun to sing in the car for me :). I didn’t get a single thing on my list … but I got everything I needed. Mainly lots of god wishes and a nice dinner on the “town.” Hope your weekend was a good one!